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The Application of the Theoretical Apparatus of Supply and Demand to Units of Currency

Edwin Cannan (author)

A pioneering article on currency which was pubished in one of the leading professional economics journals in the early 20th century.

“Are Economists Basically Immoral?” and Other Essays on Economics, Ethics, and Religion

Paul Heyne (author)

Heyne’s writings are unique in that he takes the critics of the free market order seriously and addresses their arguments directly, showing how they are defective in their understanding of economics and in their ethical and…

Can Capitalism Survive?

Benjamin A. Rogge (author)

The nineteen essays in this volume explore the philosophy of freedom, the nature of economics, the business system, labor markets, money and inflation, the problems of cities, education, and what must be done to ensure the survival…

Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. 3 vols.

Karl Marx (author)

A three volume criticism of the capitalist system by one of the leading theorists of socialism. Only vol. 1 appeared in Marx’s lifetime (1867); the other two vols. were published posthumously by Engels (1885, 1894). Marx prided…

Capital and Interest: A Critical History of Economic Theory

Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk (author)

Ludwig von Mises described this as a “monumental work” which “is the most eminent contribution to economic theory”. He further stated that “a man not perfectly familiar with all the ideas advanced in theses three volumes has no claim…

Capital and its Structure

Ludwig M. Lachmann (author)

A reprint of Lachmann’s 1956 classic of Austrian capital theory. In this book Lachmann shows how firms invest to position capital goods with one another, thus creating the complex capital structure. He shows how capital formation and…

Capital, Expectations, and the Market Process

Ludwig M. Lachmann (author)

This volume consists of 17 of Ludwig Lachmann’s most important papers published during the period 1940-73. Two of the articles appear here in translation for the first time. Prepared especially for this volume is a new essay about…

Capital, Interest, and Rent

Frank A. Fetter (author)

Rothbard has collected Fetter’s journal articles and book reviews from the period 1897 to 1937 which cover the general topics of capital, interest, and rent.

The Character and Logical Method of Political Economy

John Elliot Cairnes (author)

The book consists of lectures Cairnes gave to explain the basic principles behind classical economics.

The Collected Works of James M. Buchanan in 20 vols.

James M. Buchanan (author)

The Collected Works of James M. Buchanan is a twenty-volume series published by Liberty Fund that includes ten monographs and all of the important journal articles, papers, and essays that Buchanan has produced in a distinguished…

Commerce and Government Considered in their Mutual Relationship

Étienne Bonnot, Abbé de Condillac (author)

This text covers such topics as value, money, agriculture, domestic and foreign trade, war, labor, interest rates, luxuries, and the various government policies that affect these subjects.The theme that unites these disparate…

Commerce, Culture, and Liberty: Readings on Capitalism Before Adam Smith

Henry C. Clark (editor)

In this Liberty Fund book the editor has compiled some of the more important writings on economics before the appearance of Smith’s Wealth of Nations in 1776. It is particularly strong on the French contribution. Not all the pieces…

The Commonsense of Political Economy

Philip H. Wicksteed (author)

Contemporaneously with, though slightly following, Marshall, this book was one of the first “modern” textbooks leading from the 19th into the 20th century. Wicksteed substantively furthered the work of John Bates Clark on marginal…

Conversations on Political Economy

Jane Haldimand Marcet (author)

One of Marcet’s earlier efforts at popularizing free market economic ideas for ordinary working people. It first appeared in 1816, was enlarged an reprinted in 1827, going through 6 editions (giving some indication of its…

“Cost of Production and Price Over Long and Short Periods”

Frank H. Knight (author)

A pioneering artcile on the cost of production which was pubished in one of the leading professional economics journals in the early 20th century.

Cours d’Economie Politique

Gustave de Molinari (author)

A 2 volume textbook on classical liberal political economy written by one of the leaders of the French laissez-faire school. It was written when Molinari was in exile in Belgium following the 1848 Revolution.

The Collected Works of Frédéric Bastiat, in 6 Vols.

Frédéric Bastiat (author)

A 6 vol. collection of the works of the 19th century French political economist Frédéric Bastiat. More than half of the material has never been translated into English before. The texts are accompanied by extensive glossaries, maps,…

Defence of Usury

Jeremy Bentham (author)

An 1818 edition which combines Bentham’s defence of the practice of charging interest on loans with a critique of certain taxes which increased the cost of appearing before the courts.

Another copy of this book can be found in HTML…

Definitions in Political Economy

Thomas Robert Malthus (author)

Malthus criticises a number of classical economists (such as Smith, Say, Ricardo, McCulloch). Say is given particular attention over the idea of value. Malthus then offers his own definitions of 70 economic concepts.

A Discourse of Trade

Nicholas Barbon (author)

Barbon’s A Discourse of Trade, is one of the best-known early tracts for freedom of trade, it also discusses topics as varied as the nature of value, the role of fashion in economic life, the importance of moral dispositions such as…

The Distribution of Wealth: A Theory of Wages, Interest and Profits

John Bates Clark (author)

This 1908 edition is the third reprinting of Clark’s path-breaking, yet widely under-read, 1899 textbook, in which he developed marginal productivity theory and used it to explore the way income is distributed between wages,…

Dollar Stabilization

Irving Fisher (author)

The 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was the last edition which appeared before the First World War destroyed the old liberal order in Europe. The next edition, the 12th, reproduced the 11th edition with the addition of 4…

Early Economic Thought in Spain, 1177-1740

Marjorie Grice-Hutchinson (author)

In the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, clerics gave lectures at the University of Salamanca on such topics as the varying purchasing power of money, the morality of money, and how price is determined. Marjorie…

Economic Freedom and Interventionism

Ludwig von Mises (author)

Economic Freedom and Interventionism is a primer of the thought of Ludwig von Mises and an anthology of his writings. This volume contains forty-seven articles edited by Mises scholar Bettina Bien Greaves. Among them are Mises’s…

Economic Harmonies (FEE ed.)

Frédéric Bastiat (author)

This is the translation by the Foundation for Economic Education of Bastiat’s longest and best known work Economic Harmonies. A new translation of this work by Liberty Fund is in progress. See the Summary of the Bastiat Project for…

Economic Liberalism, 2 vols.

William Dyer Grampp (author)

A two volume study of the intellectual origins of economic liberalism. Volume 1 deals with its beginnings in Stoicism, mercantilism, and the American Revolution. Volume 2 deals with the Classical School of the 19th century.

The Economic Point of View (1976)

Israel M. Kirzner (author)

Kirzner’s The Economic Point of View is a thoughtful study of how and why economists are successful at sorting out certain issues but less successful at others, issues from welfare to wealth to human actions. Ludwig von Mises, for…

Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow

Ludwig von Mises (author)

Economic Policy contains six lectures Ludwig von Mises delivered in 1959 for the Centro de Estudios sobre la Libertad in Argentina. This volume serves as an excellent introduction to what Mises sees as the simple truths of history in…

The Economic Writings of Sir William Petty, 2 vols.

Sir William Petty (author)

A 2 volume collection of Petty’s writings, along with a lengthy introduction on Petty’s life and times and economic thought.

Economics, 2 vols.

Frank A. Fetter (author)

Fetter’s 2 volume survey of economics written while he was a professor at Princeton University.

The Economics of Ludwig von Mises: Toward a Critical Reappraisal

Israel M. Kirzner (author)

A collection of papers from a Symposium on the economics of Mises held at the 44th meeting of the Southern Economics Association in Atlanta, Georgia on 15 November, 1974. There are articles by Laurence Moss, Fritz Machlup, Israel…

The Economics of Welfare

Arthur Cecil Pigou (author)

Pigou develops the concept of externalities at some length and uses their existence as a justification for government intervention.

Elements of Political Economy (3rd ed. 1844)

James Mill (author)

James Mill’s work offers excellent summaries of diminishing marginal returns in Chapter II, of comparative advantage in Chapter III, Section V, of the quantity theory of money and the market for foreign exchange in Chapter II, and of…

Die Entwicklung des gutsherrlich-bäuerlichen Verhältnisses in Galizien (1772-1848)

Ludwig von Mises (author)

This is Mises dissertation which began his academic career. It is about the liberation of the peasants in Galicia under reform minded Kaisers and bureaucrats from just before the French Revolution up to the outbreak of the 1848…

Epistemological Problems of Economics (1933, 2013)

Ludwig von Mises (author)

Epistemological Problems of Economics presents Ludwig von Mises’s views on the logical and epistemological features of social interpretation as well as his argument that the Austrian theory of value is the core element of a general…

Essay on the Nature of Trade in general (Higgs ed.)

Richard Cantillon (author)

Cantillon wrote one major work, Essay on the Nature of Trade in General, which was regarded by Jevons and Hayek as an important early contribution to the theory of marginal utility. It lay forgotten for over 100 years until Jevons…

Essay on the Nature of Trade in General (LF ed.)

Richard Cantillon (author)

The Liberty Fund edition is a modernized translation of Richard Cantillon’s Essai sur la nature du commerce en général (1755) with a new introduction by Antoin E. Murphy. Cantillon outlined an extraordinary model-building approach…

An Essay on the Principle of Population [1798, 1st ed.]

Thomas Robert Malthus (author)

This is the first edition of Malthus’s Essay on the Principle of Population. In this work Malthus argues that there is a disparity between the rate of growth of population (which increases geometrically) and the rate of growth of…

An Essay on the Principle of Population, 2 vols. [1826, 6th ed.]

Thomas Robert Malthus (author)

This is the 6th expanded edition of Essay on the Principle of Population. In this work Malthus argues that there is a disparity between the rate of growth of population (which increases geometrically) and the rate of growth of…

The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics

David R. Henderson (editor)

The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics was published in 1993. It went online in 2003 as The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. It contains articles by leading economists on basic concepts of economics, economic systems and schools, as…

The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics (1976)

Israel M. Kirzner (author)

A volume in the collection Studies in Economic Theory, first published by the Institute for Humane Studies. This is a collection of papers given at a conference on Austrian economics in June 1974. They cover the uniqueness of the…

Four Introductory Lectures on Political Economy

Nassau William Senior (author)

Four lectures on political economy which Senior gave at the University of Oxford in 1847. They cover the retardation of the progress of political economy, political economy as a “mental study” and as a positive science.

Grundsätze der Volkswirtschaftslehre

Carl Menger (author)

One of the works which appeared independently in 1871 (along with a work by Jevons and Walras) which revolutionized thinking about economics. The theory of marginal utility and new ways of thinking about marginal value and price…

Grundzüge einer Klassifikation der Wirtschaftwissenschaften

Carl Menger (author)

An off-print from the journal Jahrbüchern für Nationalökonomie und Statistik.

A History of Political Economy

John Kells Ingram (author)

A nice older history of economic thought written when the marginal revolution and the emerging Austrian school were young and on the top of every young researcher’s agenda.

Human Action: A Treatise on Economics (FEE ed.)

Ludwig von Mises (author)

The first comprehensive treatise on economics written by a leading member of the modern Austrian school of economics.

Human Action: A Treatise on Economics, in 4 vols. (LF ed.)

Ludwig von Mises (author)

In the foreword to Human Action: A Treatise on Economics, Mises explains complex market phenomena as “the outcomes of countless conscious, purposive actions, choices, and preferences of individuals, each of whom was trying as best as…

“I, Pencil: My Family Tree” as told to Leonard E. Read, Dec. 1958

Leonard E. Read (author)

A charming story which explains how something as apparently simple as a pencil is in fact the product of a very complex economic process based upon the division of labor, international trade, and comparative advantage.

“The Influence of the Rate of Interest on Prices”

Knut Wicksell (author)

A paper read before the Economic Section of the British Association, 1906.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (Cannan ed.), in 2 vols.

Adam Smith (author)

Cannan’s justly famous early 20th century edition of Smith’s Wealth of Nations with his introduction and notes.

Introductory Lectures on Political Economy

Richard Whately (author)

Whately followed Nassau Senior as Professor of Political Economy at the University of Oxford. He brought logical clarity to the previously murky relationship between morals and the underpinnings of economics. These are a serious of…

John Hopkins’s Notions on Political Economy

Jane Haldimand Marcet (author)

Marcet was self-taught in many fields and became a successful popularizer of several demanding fields (such as chemistry and economics) in spite of being discriminated against as a women. This book is one of her works of popularizing…

Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Ökonomie

Karl Marx (author)

This is a German edition of Karl Marx’s multi-volume work Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Ökonomie which appeared between 1867 and 1894. Only the first volume appeared in Marx’s lifetime. The others were edited and published by…

Karl Marx and the close of his system, a criticism

Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk (author)

A translation of Böhm-Bawerk’s devastating review of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital vol. 3 which had been published posthumously in 1894 by Engels.

An HTML version of the text can be found here. The German language original can be found…

Zur Kritik der Politischen Oekonomie

Carl Menger (author)

An off-print from the journal Zeitschrift fuer das Privat- und oeffentliche Recht der Gegenwart.

L.S.E. Essays on Cost

James M. Buchanan (editor)

A volume in the collection Studies in Economic Theory first published by the Institute for Humane Studies. This is a collection of essays written in the LSE opportunity cost tradition by scholars associated with the London School of…

The Law (revised LF ed.)

Frédéric Bastiat (author)

This is a revised edition of Liberty Fund’s translation of Bastiat’s famous essay on The State which was one of the last things he wrote before he died in 1850.

Lectures on Political Economy

Mountifort Longfield (author)

A series of lectures Longfield gave in 1833 at Trinity College, Dublin. One of his key points was that wages could not be raised artificially by the actions of trade unions but reflected the supply and demand for labor.

The Legacy of Friedrich von Hayek, 7 vols.

Gary S. Becker (author)

This is a collection of 7 lectures which were given between October 7 and November 13 1999 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Austrian economist Friedrich von Hayek. The lecture series was sponsored by Liberty…

Letters and Journal

William Stanley Jevons (author)

Extracts of many letters by Jevons edited by his wife. Includes a bibliography of his writings.

Letters of Sidney, on Inequality of Property

John Millar (author)

Millar continues his critique of the war against France with letters to the Earl of Lauderdale.

Letters to Mr. Malthus, and A Catechism of Political Economy

Jean-Baptiste Say (author)

Say replies to Malthus’s negative views about the impact of population on the well-being of workers, and provides a popularization of his economic views.

Lettres d’un habitant des Landes

Frédéric Bastiat (author)

A collection of letters by Bastiat mainly to his friends the Cheuvreux family, which did not make it into the Complete Works published in 1855.

Life of Adam Smith

John Rae (author)

A useful late-19th century biography of Adam Smith which was based upon research undertaken at the University of Glasgow, the Council of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (the Hume Correspondence), and the University of Edinburgh.

The Manchester School of Economics

William Dyer Grampp (author)

A history of the so-called “Manchester School” of economic thought which emerged in the 19th century in order to challenge protectionism, especially the corn laws in Britain. It continued a as force after the repeal of the Corn Laws…

Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei. Veröffentlicht im Februar 1848

Friedrich Engels (author)

Written in late 1847 and published during the February Revolution in 1848, this pamphlet outlines Marx’s theory of history and his demands for revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Das National System der politischen Oekonomie

Friedrich List (author)

A German language edition of List’s work in favor of internal free trade but high protection for the national economy.

The National System of Political Economy

Friedrich List (author)

A German historian who wrote in favor of protective tariffs and trade retaliations between industrial nations, even if they maintain free trade within each country. During the 1820s, he lived in Pennsylvania, where he contributed to…

Natural Value

Friedrich von Wieser (author)

An early and significant contribution to the Austrian theory of value.

New Directions in Austrian Economics

Ludwig M. Lachmann (author)

A collection of papers which explores methodoogy, econometrics, social cost, monopoly theory, the supply of money, interest theory, and macroeconomics.

Notes and Recollections with The Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics (2013)

Ludwig von Mises (author)

This volume contains Mises' brief memoir Notes and Recollections he wrote just prior to migrating to the U.S. in 1940 and an essay on the history of the Austrian school of economics from 1962. His memoir is accompanied by a…

Oeuvres complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, 1st ed. 6 vols.

Frédéric Bastiat (author)

The 1st edition of Bastiat’s works is in 6 volumes and was published only 4 years after his death. A second edition in 1862 contained an essay on his life and work and an additional 7th volume of material.

Oeuvres complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, 2nd ed. 7 vols.

Frédéric Bastiat (author)

A 7 volume collection of Bastiat’s writings.

Of Population. An Enquiry concerning the Power of Increase in the Numbers of Mankind

William Godwin (author)

A lengthy and belated reply to Malthus by the radical individualist Godwin. Whereas Malthus took a pessimistic view of the pressures of population growth, Godwin was more optimistic about the capacity of people to limit the growth of…

On the Manipulation of Money and Credit: Three Treatises on Trade-Cycle Theory

Ludwig von Mises (author)

On the Manipulation of Money and Credit includes some of Mises’s most important contributions to monetary and trade-cycle theories. “Stabilization of the Monetary Unit from the Viewpoint of Theory,” discusses the consequences of the…

The Physiocrats: Six Lectures on the French Economistes of the 18th Century

Henry Higgs (author)

The English historian of economic thought Higgs discusses iin a series of lectures given at the London School of Economics in 1896 the 18th century free market Physiocratic school, its origins, ideas, political and intellectual…

Political Economy

Francis Amasa Walker (author)

One of the most widely used economics text books in 19th century America.

Political Economy (1850 ed.)

Nassau William Senior (author)

This work is a summary statement of the nature of economic thought by one of the leading theorists of the English classical school in the mid-19th century.

Political Economy and the Philosophy of Government

Jean Charles Léonard Simonde de Sismondi (author)

This works contains the prefaces and introductions to Sismondi’s main economic writings, as well as numerous essays he wrote for journals on landed property, national income, the power of princes, and constitutional monarchy.

Political Economy, Concisely

Anthony de Jasay (author)

A collection of Jasay’s articles written for Liberty Fund’s website, the Library of Economics and Liberty (Econlib), between 2003 and 2007. They have been organized into the following categories: Property Rights, the common sense of…

The Positive Theory of Capital

Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk (author)

The second volume of Boehm-Bawerk’s monumental three volume work on Capital and Interest.

The Postulates of English Political Economy

Walter Bagehot (author)

Alfred Marshall, in his introduction to this book, argued that Bagehot provided a useful service to readers by removing the older and less understood Ricardian aspects from political economy and reworking them. Bagehot in turn in his…

Principles of Economics (8th ed.)

Alfred Marshall (author)

This is the 8th edition of what is regarded to be the first “modern” economics textbook, leading in various editions from the 19th into the 20th century. The final 8th edition was Marshall’s most-used and most-cited.

Principles of Political Economy

Thomas Robert Malthus (author)

The first edition was published in 1820. This is the second edition of 1836. It is one of the major works in the classical school of political economy along with Smith’s Wealth of Nations and Ricardo’s Principles of Political Economy…

The Principles of Political Economy (5th ed. 1864)

John Ramsay McCulloch (author)

A revised and expanded edition of McCulloch’s major treatise on the principles of political economy.

The Principles of Political Economy (1st ed. 1825)

John Ramsay McCulloch (author)

The first edition of McCulloch’s major treatise on the principles of political economy. This became the standard text in classical political economics until it was replaced by J.S. Mill’s Principles in 1848. it went through many…

Principles of Political Economy (Ashley ed.)

John Stuart Mill (author)

Principles of Political Economy, with some of their Applications to Social Philosophy was published in 1848 in London and was republished with changes and updates a total of seven times in Mill’s lifetime. The edition presented here…

Progress and Poverty

Henry George (author)

Perhaps Henry George’s best known work in which he examines the casuses of poverty and, among other things, blames it on the monopoly of land ownership.

A Protest against Law-Taxes

Jeremy Bentham (author)

From an 1818 edition which combines Bentham’s defence of the practice of charging interest on loans with a critique of certain taxes which increased the cost of appearing before the courts.

Reflections on the Formation and Distribution of Riches

Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot (author)

An 1898 edition of one of the more important works on economics before Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. It covers a broad range of topics including money, exchange, value, and capital investment in agriculture. Turgot discussed…

Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit

Frank H. Knight (author)

This careful work investigating the nature of profits also includes material on the institutional structure of firms and the distribution of residuals, particularly in Part III, Chapter IX-X. It contains an interesting discussion of…

Selected Economic Writings (1966)

James Mill (author)

A collection of Mill’s writings on economics, including his early essays on The Impolicy of a Bounty on the Exportation of Grain, Commerce Defended, and selections from his Elements of Political Economy and his History of British…

Selected Essays on Political Economy (FEE ed.)

Frédéric Bastiat (author)

The Foundation for Economic Education translated some of Bastiat’s most famous pamphlets, written as part of his opposition to the growth of socialism in France in the 1840s. The volume contains “What is Seen and What is Not Seen”, “…

Social Contract, Free Ride: A Study of the Public Goods Problem

Anthony de Jasay (author)

Jasay refutes the common idea that we need a government as a provider of public goods. He argues that without taxation voluntary contributions to provide freely accessible benefits would be made by some members of groups adjusting…

Les Soirées de la Rue Saint-Lazare (1849)

Gustave de Molinari (author)

Following the rise of socialism in France during the 1840s and the 1848 Revolution, Molinari wrote this fictitious “dialogue” between an economist, a conservative, and a socialist, to expose the folly of socialism, demonstrate how…

Some Problems of Logical Method in Political Economy

Jacob Viner (author)

Source: http://de.academic.ru/dic.nsf/dewiki/1410388

The State (revised LF ed.)

Frédéric Bastiat (author)

This is a thoroughly revised edition of one of Bastiat’s best known essays. It is the third and longest version he wrote between June 1848 and April 1849 when he was engaged in challenging the growing socialist movement on the…

Taxation and Anarchism: A Discussion between the Hon. Auberon Herbert and J.H. Levy

Joseph Hiam Levy (author)

A discussion between two radical individualists under the auspices of the Personal Rights Association. The exchange took place over many years and this booklet appeared after the death of one (Herbert in 1906) and one year before the…

Zur Theorie des Kapitals

Carl Menger (author)

An off-print from the journal Jahrbüchern für Nationalökonomie und Statistik.

Theory and History: An Interpretation of Social and Economic Evolution

Ludwig von Mises (author)

Mises applies his theory of methodological individualism to an analysis of history. Along the way he debunks other theories of history which are based upon notions of race, dialectical materialism (Marxism), and determinism.

Theory and History: An Interpretation of Social and Economic Evolution (LF ed.)

Ludwig von Mises (author)

Theory and History is primarily a critique of Karl Marx, his materialism, and his prediction of the inevitability of socialism. This book discusses the theory of economics, i.e., the study of purposive human action, and with history,…

The Theory of Interest

Irving Fisher (author)

Fisher was one of America’s greatest mathematical economists. This book is still used a textbook and is an outstanding example of clearly written economic theory.

The Theory of Political Economy

William Stanley Jevons (author)

One of three seminal works published in 1871 (along with Walras and Menger) which introduced the idea of the marginal theory of utility and thus a revolution in economic thinking.

The Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic Study of Institutions

Thorstein Veblen (author)

A pioneering work of sociology in which the nature of the ruling elite was explored.

Three Lectures on the Cost of Obtaining Money

Nassau William Senior (author)

Senior gave these lectures at the University of Oxford in Trinity Term 1829. The Third Lecture is on “Some Effects of Government Paper Money” and deals with a number of historical episodes of hyper inflation.

Three Lectures on the Rate of Wages

Nassau William Senior (author)

Lectures given by Senior at the University of Oxford in 1830 to offer insights into the cause and solution of recent rioting by labourers in England.

A Treatise on Political Economy

Jean-Baptiste Say (author)

One of the most influential works on Political Economy in the 19thC. It set the stage for the development of the study of political economy in France and an early translation into English helped make it become the most used economics…

A Treatise On Political Economy

Antoine Louis Claude, Comte Destutt de Tracy (author)

An important work in the development of French liberal thought during the Napoleonic and post-Napoleonic period. Thomas Jefferson was very impressed with his writings and had them translated in English.

A Treatise on Political Economy (LF ed.)

Antoine Louis Claude, Comte Destutt de Tracy (author)

Destutt de Tracy’s Treatise on Political Economy is a foundational text of nineteenth-century, free-market economic thought and remains one of the classics of nineteenth-century French economic liberalism. Destutt de Tracy was one of…

Treatises and Essays on Subjects connected with Economic Policy (1853)

John Ramsay McCulloch (author)

A collection of essays some of which were previously published in the Encyclopedia Britannica. They cover money, exchange, rent, the history of commerce, maritime law, and biographical essays on Quesnay, Smith, and Ricardo.

The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science: An Essay on Method

Ludwig von Mises (author)

Written toward the end of Mises’s life, his last monograph, The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, returned to economics as a science based on human action.

Universal Economics

Armen A. Alchian (author)

Universal Economics shows the critical importance of property rights to the existence and success of market economies.

Untersuchungen über die Methode der Sozialwissenschaften

Carl Menger (author)

One of the pioneering works in Austrian economic theory of methodology.

“The Use of Knowledge in Society” (1945)

Friedrich August von Hayek (author)

One of Hayek’s most important contributions to economic theory is his demonstration of the part prices play in disseminating widely diffused knowledge about consumer demand and the availablility of economic resources in order to make…

Vorlesungen über Nationalökonomie auf Grundlage des Marginalprinzipes

Margarethe Langfeldt (translator)

A two volume set of lectures given by Wicksell. He bases his ideas on the idea of the marginal principle and covers topics such as population, value, production and distribution, and the growth of capital. It is in German.

The Wages Question: A Treatise on Wages and the Wages Class

Francis Amasa Walker (author)

Francis A. Walker’s The Wages Question is generally credited as having demolished the prior, antiquated “wages fund” theory of wages. Walker laid the groundwork for John Bates Clark’s definitive descriptions of the marginal products…

Wealth: A Brief Explanation of the Causes of Economic Wealth

Edwin Cannan (author)

Cannan provides a brief survey of the basic principles of economics, the division of labour, the nature of demand, income, and concludes with his own chapter on “the wealth of nations.” It is based upon his lectures to first year at…

The Works of David Ricardo (McCulloch ed. 1846, 1888)

David Ricardo (author)

A one volume collection of Ricardo’s most important writings, edited by the great English classical economist J.R McCulloch who has a lengthy introduction on the life and work of Ricardo.

The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo, 11 vols (Sraffa ed.)

David Ricardo (author)

This eleven-volume set of The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo contains all of Ricardo’s published and unpublished writings, and provides great insight into the early era of political economics by chronicling Ricardo’s…