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In the Goodrich Seminar Room in the Lilly Library at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana the limestone walls are engraved with the names of the political and legal documents and authors which Pierre Goodrich, the founder of Liberty Fund, believed had most contributed to our understanding of what it means to be free and responsible individuals. At the center of the large room is a circular table around which the seminar participants sit and discuss these ideas. The room was an attempt to demonstrate through space and time the inter-relationships that exist between individuals and the ideas they hold, based upon the innovative design of the central circular discussion table and the arrangement of the names engraved on the walls of the seminar room.

See our online version of the Goodrich Seminar Room in the Lilly Library at Wabash College, Indiana, and the biography of Pierre Goodrich by Dane Starbuck.

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