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Sarah Skwire

b. 1971

Sarah Skwire is a Senior Fellow and Director of Communications at Liberty Fund, Inc. Sarah has published a range of academic articles on subjects from Shakespeare to zombies and the broken window fallacy, and her work has appeared in journals as varied as Literature and Medicine, The George Herbert Journal, and The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

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She has written regularly for outlets like Econlog, AdamSmithWorks, and the Reading Room, as well as for the now defunct Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog. Sarah’s work on literature and economics has also appeared in several edited volumes and in Cato Unbound. She teaches regularly for the Tikvah Fund, and has enjoyed guesting for podcasts on topics from science fiction to Charles Dickens to the importance of literature to a free society. She graduated with honors in English from Wesleyan University, and earned a MA and PhD in English from the University of Chicago.

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