The Reading Room

The Adventures of Marco Polo: From the Liberty Fund Rare Book Room

With the official start of summer this week, the world seems to be gearing up for travel. The OLL staff has been everywhere from Arizona to Glasgow to Jerusalem, with a lot more travel coming up through the summer month. 
We travel because it's fun, of course, and to see old friends and meet new ones, and to do important and interesting work. But we also travel because our founder's view of the world was a global one, long before "globalization" became a keyword of the 21st century.Goodrich's 1948 copy of The Adventures of Marco Polo, edited by Richard J. Walsh provides the perfect material for airplane reading, or for lying in a hammock and dreaming about where to go next. The lavish color illustrations on the cover, endpapers, and throughout the volume encourage the imagination to explore faraway places and people.

Further duotone illustrations throughout the book pair with the lively text to keep any reader entranced, and the wonderful full page map (with "The Land of Darkness" helpfully labelled) aids in one's travel planning.

May all your voyages, physical or imaginary, be productive and joyful this summer!