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Titles that begin with “F”

Title Author Published Edition Type
Fabian Essays in Socialism George Bernard Shaw 1889 1891 Collection
The Fable of the Bees or Private Vices, Publick Benefits, 2 vols. Bernard Mandeville 1732 1924 Set
The Federal and State Constitutions, 7 vols. Francis Newton Thorpe 1909 1909 Set
The Federalist (Gideon ed.) George W. Carey 1818 2001 Book
Fiat Money Inflation in France Andrew D. White 1876 1896 Collection
Fifteen Sonnets of Petrarch Francesco Petrarch 1903 1903 Collection
"Finance and Banking in the Austrian Empire and the Republic of Austria" Ludwig von Mises 1921 1921 Encyclopedia Article
First Principles (1867) Herbert Spencer 1867 1867 Book
First Principles of the Reformation (1883) Martin Luther 1883 1883 Collection
The Forgotten Man and Other Essays (corrected edition) William Graham Sumner 1876 1918 Collection
The Formation and Progress of the Tiers État, or Third Estate in France 2 vols Augustin Thierry 1856 1859 Set
The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics David R. Henderson 1993 1993 Encyclopedia
The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics (1976) Edwin G. Dolan 1976 1976 Collection
Four Introductory Lectures on Political Economy Nassau William Senior 1852 1852 Book
Four Tracts on Political and Commercial Subjects Josiah Tucker 1774 1774 Book
A Fragment on Mackintosh (1870) James Mill 1835 1870 Book
The Free Sea (Hakluyt trans.) Hugo Grotius 1609 2004 Collection
Free Trade and Other Fundamental Doctrines of the Manchester School Francis W. Hirst 1820 1903 Collection
Free Trade: America’s Opportunity Leland B. Yeager 1954 1954 Book
Freedom and the Law (1961 ed.) Bruno Leoni 1961 1961 Book
Freedom and the Law (LF ed.) Bruno Leoni 1961 1991 Collection
The Freedom of the Seas (Latin and English version, Magoffin trans.) Hugo Grotius 1608 1916 Book
Friends of the Constitution: Writings of the “Other” Federalists, 1787-1788 Colleen A. Sheehan 1998 1998 Collection
Fugitive Essays: Selected Writings of Frank Chodorov Frank Chodorov 1980 1980 Collection
Further Reflections on the French Revolution Edmund Burke 1790 1992 Book