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Introduction to the Study of Liberty - Works to Begin with

21 items

The following texts have been selected as being particularly appropriate for those who are new to the study of individual liberty, limited government, and the free market. These works have been written as introductory works or for a…


860 items

Classic works in the discipline are joined by explorations of how economic reasoning applies to political science and other social sciences, as well as the relevance of economics as moral philosophy. A consistent theme is the view…

Fabian Socialism vs. Radical Liberalism

4 items

In the late 19th century the classical liberal, free market orthodoxy was beginning to be challenged by socialists like George Bernard Shaw, who put together a collection of essays in 1889 advocating greater intervention by the state…

General Treatises on Economics

76 items

These treatments of economics present the basic assumptions about economic life and human behaviour on which economics is based; the main principles of the discipline; how the different branches of economics are related; and the…

IHS Studies in Economic Theory

10 items

Studies in Economic Theory was a collection of works edited by Laurence S. Moss and published by the Institute for Humane Studies in the mid- and late-1970s. These books were squarely within the Austrian tradition of economic…

Liberty Matters

46 items

The OLL brings debate to life.

Primary Sources

19 items

The Online Library of Liberty contains a number of collections of primary sources dealing with history and political thought.


48 items

The modern form of socialism emerged in Britain, France and Germany in the 1830s and 1840s and has continued to evolve ever since. Various strands make up the socialist school of thought including voluntary socialists who wished to…


100 items

How do human societies constitute themselves? How do they interact with one another? How do they preserve and change themselves? The study of sociology is the exploration of these questions.

Austrian School of Economics

95 items

The Austrian School of Economics emerged after the publication in 1871 of a trilogy of works (by Jevons, Walras, and Menger) which introduced the idea of the subjective theory of value and began what has been called “the marginal…

Manchester School Political Economy

3 items

The name “Manchester School” is given to the group of economists, businessmen, and lobbyists who campaigned in England in the mid-19th century for free trade, reduced government regulation of the economy (in other words for a policy…

The State

21 items

These titles provide some general theoretical, historical, or sociological analysis of the State and how it functions.


8 items

The name given to an ideal political community, “Utopia,” comes from Thomas More’s work Utopia which was published in Latin in 1516. What is interesting about many conceptions of utopian communities is that the authors assumed that…