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Studies in Economic Theory was a collection of works edited by Laurence S. Moss and published by the Institute for Humane Studies in the mid- and late-1970s. These books were squarely within the Austrian tradition of economic thought and included the reprinting of classics such as Ludwig Lachmann’s Capital and its Structure (1956) and collections of essays by the younger generation of American Austrian economists. Many of the titles in this series will appear on the Online Library of Liberty with the kind permission of the copyright holders, the Institute for Humane Studies.

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Studies in Economic Theory, Laurence S. Moss, Series Consultant

  • Economics as a Coordination Problem: The Contributions of Friedrich A. Hayek by Gerald P. O'Driscoll, Jr. (1977)
  • Liberalism: A Socio-economic Exposition by Ludwig von Mises (1978)
  • America’s Great Depression, by Murray N. Rothbard (1975)
  • The Economic Point of View: An Essay in the History of Economic Thought by Israel M. Kirzner (1976)
  • The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics edited with an introduction by Edwin G. Dolan (1976)
  • Man, Economy, and State: A Treatise on Economic Principles by Murray N. Rothbard (1978)
  • Capital, Interest, and Rent: Essays in the Theory of Distribution by Frank A. Fetter, edited with an introduction by Murray N. Rothbard (1977)
  • New Directions in Austrian Economics edited with an introduction by Louis M. Spadaro (1978)
  • Capital, Expectations, and the Market Process: Essays on the Theory of the Market Economy by Ludwig M. Lachmann, edited with an introduction by Walter E. Grinder (1977)
  • The Economics of Ludwig von Mises: Toward a Critical Re-appraisal edited with an introduction by Laurence S. Moss (1976)
  • The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science: An Essay on Method by Ludwig von Mises, with a foreword by Israel M.Kirzner (1978)