Liberty Matters

Bastiat and Liberty Fund

David Hart's latest contribution to this discussion reveals to me a side of Bastiat that I am embarrassed - indeed, almost ashamed - to admit has largely escaped my notice. I never doubted that Bastiat was more than a brilliant popularizer of sound economics, for to convey with such clarity the volume of insight and wisdom that he conveyed requires a deep understanding of economics. But David's essay persuades me that Bastiat's depth of understanding was greater and more original than even I realized.
I blame Liberty Fund for my tardiness in appreciating Bastiat with the fullness that he deserves: LF should have published Bastiat's collected works decades ago!
Of course, I'm only joking about blaming Liberty Fund. That organization - with David - is to be commended for now making available to the world a new and definitive English-language collection of Bastiat's works, many of which were never before published.
Hopefully, that late, great Frenchman will finally be accorded the full measure of respect he deserves and for the full range of contributions that he made in his too-brief life.