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Anthony Comegna

b. ????

Anthony Comegna received his M.A. (2012) and Ph.D. (2016) in history from the University of Pittsburgh, where he specialized in early American, intellectual, and Atlantic history.

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His dissertation, “‘The Dupes of Hope Forever': The Loco-Foco or Equal Rights Movement, 1820s-1870s”, revives the submerged and forgotten legacy of Loco-Focoism. Anthony has taught undergraduate courses in American history and Western civilization. From 2016 to 2019, he produced regular historical content for Libertarianism.org and was the writer/host of Liberty Chronicles. In 2019 he joined the Institute for Humane Studies, where he is a Program Manager including direction of the “Advanced Topics in Liberty” series of discussion colloquia co-sponsored by Liberty Fund.

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