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L’individualisme économique et social

Albert Schatz (author)

One of the few historical accounts of the development of the idea of individualism from its origins in the 18th century opposition to mercantilism to the radical individualists of the late 19th century. Schatz uncovers a number of…

Political Institutions, being Part V of the Principles of Sociology

Herbert Spencer (author)

This is part of Spencer’s most extensive treatment of sociology, The Principles of Sociology. It is the section dealing with the nature of political institutions such as political heads like chiefs and kings, consultative bodies, the…

The Principles of Sociology, 3 vols. (1898)

Herbert Spencer (author)

This is a 3 vol. set of the third revised edition of Herbert Spencer’s magnum opus on sociology which was first published in 1876.

Social Statics (1851)

Herbert Spencer (author)

Spencer’s first major work of political philosophy in which he attempts to lay the basis for a limited state on a rigorous development of a doctrine of natural rights. He begins with a defense of his “first principle” ’that every…

The Study of Sociology (1873)

Herbert Spencer (author)

Spencer was one of the pioneers of the discipline of sociology. This is is a survey of the topic and one his innovations was the application of the idea of natural selection to the survival of groups and institutional arrangements.