Title page from The Works, vol. 5 Four Letters concerning Toleration

Part of: The Works of John Locke in Nine Volumes The Works, vol. 5 Four Letters concerning Toleration

Locke was an early advocate of religious toleration. Collected in this volume are his letters or essays on this topic.

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Religion & Toleration

… it does not follow, that because it is a sin it ought therefore to be punished by the magistrate. For it does not belong unto the magistrate to make use of his sword in punishing every thing, indifferently, that he takes to be a sin against God. Covetousness, uncharitableness, idleness, and many…

Religion & Toleration

And the zealots hardly have patience to refrain from violence and rapine, so long till the cause be heard, and the poor man be, according to form, condemned to the loss of liberty, goods or life. Oh that our ecclesiastical orators, of every sect, would apply themselves, with all the strength of…