Title page from Liberty and Liberalism (1888)

Liberty and Liberalism (1888)

Smith was a follower of Herbert Spencer and the English Liberty and Property Defence League. His book is a critique of the growing intervention of the state in economic and civil matters in Australia and elsewhere in the late 19th century.

Key Quotes

Politics & Liberty

The broad principles, then, which I should venture to lay down as guides for any one assuming the responsible position of a legislator are three in number.

The state should not impose taxes, or use the public revenue for any purpose other than that of securing equal freedom to all citizens. The…

Parties & Elections

If there is any truth in these reflections, then the masses, having deprived kings of their despotic power, and the aristocracy and wealthy classes of any privileges they may have enjoyed, seem to be inclining now towards the creation of privileges for themselves, as against the propertied classes.…