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Aida by Antonio Ghislanzoni, music by Giuseppe Verdi

Antonio Ghislanzoni (author)

A side-by-side Italian and English edition of the libretto. Famously first performed in Egypt in 1871, Aida, an Ethiopian princess, has been enslaved in Egypt. Her father has invaded Egypt in order to free her but he is defeated. A…

Bach’s Chorals, 3 vols.

Johann Sebastian Bach (author)

A three volume work on Bach’s Chorals with detailed commentary, melodies, translations, and analysis of these great pieces of music. Vol. 1 contains The Hymns and Hymn Melodies of the “Passions” and Oratorios; vol. 2 contains The…

Beethoven’s Opera Fidelio. German Text, with an English Translation

Ludwig van Beethoven (author)

Beethoven was one of the great European classical composers of the first part of the 19th century. He was influenced by the Enlightenment and in his only opera, Fidelio, he addressed the problem of individual liberty in a very moving…

Don Carlos: Opera in Four Acts

Giuseppe Verdi (author)

Based on a play by Friedrich Schiller. Don Carlos, the Crown Prince of Spain, is in conflict with his father, Philip II and King of Spain over his love for Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry II, King of France. Don Carlos is arrested…

Gregorian Chant for the Teacher, the Choir, and the School

Edmund G. Hurley (author)

A book which introduces the performance of Gregorian Chants for schools and church choirs with copious musical illustrations and explanations.

The Hymns of Martin Luther

Martin Luther (author)

A nice 1884 edition of Luther’s hymns with parallel German-English versions and musical scores of some 36 hymns.

Rigoletto: An Opera in Four Acts

Victor Hugo (author)

Jealous courtiers decide to play a trick on the court jester, Rigoletto, who has been mocking them for being the victims of the Duke’s seductions. However, Rigoletto’s own daughter Gilda has also been wooed by the Duke. When the…