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The Institutes of the Christian Religion

John Calvin (author)

in 1535 John Calvin published the initial version of the Institutes. The importance of the Institutes lies with its inclusive and systematic explication of Protestant doctrine. It forcefully presents the Protestants’ claim to teach…

The Letters of John Huss

Jan Huss (author)

A collection of Huss’ letters from 1408 to 1415.

Puritanism and Liberty, being the Army Debates (1647-9)

Alexander Dunlop Lindsay (foreword)

This collection contains the Putney Debates, the Whitehall Debates, and numerous other documents about Puritan religious and political views during the English Revolution. The collection has pieces by many authors including John…

The Rule of St. Benedict

Saint Benedict (author)

The Benedictine Rule was much more than a spiritual plan; it was a complete administrative package that included a workable daily regime. Moreover, Saint Benedict recognized the limitations of humanity and provided for differences in…