Title page from The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 3

Part of: Works of Jeremy Bentham, 11 vols. The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 3

An 11 volume collection of the works of Jeremy Bentham edited by the philosophic radical and political reformer John Bowring.

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Vol. 3 contains Defence Of Usury; A Manual Of Political Economy; Observations On The Restrictive And Prohibitory Commercial System; A Plan For Saving All Trouble And Expense In The Transfer Of Stock; General View Of A Complete Code of Laws; Pannomial Fragments; Nomography; Or The Art Of Inditing Laws; Equity Dispatch Court Proposal; Equity Dispatch Court Bill; Plan Of Parliamentary Reform, In The Form Of A Catechism; A Sketch Of The Various Proposals For A Constitutional Reform In The Representation Of The People; Radical Reform Bill; Radicalism Not Dangerous.

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We have seen above the grounds on which the general rule in this behalf—Be quiet—rests. Whatever measures, therefore, cannot be justified as exceptions to that rule, may be considered as non agenda on the part of government. The art, therefore, is reduced within a small compass: security and…

Natural Rights

Rights are, then, the fruits of the law, and of the law alone. There are no rights without law—no rights contrary to the law—no rights anterior to the law. Before the existence of laws there may be reasons for wishing that there were laws—and doubtless such reasons cannot be wanting, and those of…