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Oeuvres complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, 1st ed. vol. 3 Cobden et la ligue

Vol.3 of the 1st edition of Bastiat’s works contains a long introduction by Bastiat on the English Anti-Corn Law League’s agitation for free trade and then Bastiat’s translation of a selection of speeches and newspaper articles by them.

Oeuvres complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, mises en ordre, revues et annotées d’après les manuscrits de l’auteur. Ed. Prosper Paillottet (Paris: Guillaumin, 1st ed. 1854-55) 6 vols. Vol. 3 Cobden et la ligue, ou l’agitation anglaise pour la liberté des échanges


The text is in the public domain. It was scanned and originally put online by Google for non-commercial, educational purposes. We have retained the Google watermark as requested but have added tables of contents, pagination, and other educational aids where appropriate.

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