Tracts on Liberty by the Levellers and their Critics Vol. 4 (1647)

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This volume is part of a seven volume collection of Leveller Tracts. The first edition contains 18 tracts by John Lilburne, Richard Overton, William Walwyn, Henry Ireton, John Wildman, and others, and includes important documents such as “The Petition of March”, the Declaration of the Army, the Putney Debates, “The Agreement of the People,” and “The Petition of November.”

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The second expanded edition of LT will have the following additional 24 titles (of which 4 are still uncorrected) and which are available elsewhere on the OLL):

  1. T.86 (9.1) John Taylor The World turned Upside Down (28 January, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T86
  2. T.87 (9.2) John Lilburne The Oppressed Mans Oppressions declared (30 January, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T87
  3. T.88 (9.3) Anon., London’s Account; or a Calculation of the Arbitrary and Tyrannicall Exactions, Taxations (1 February, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T88
  4. T.89 (9.4) John Harris The Royal Quarrell, or Englands Lawes and Liberties vindicated (9 February, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T89
  5. T.91 (10.9) [Overton or Lilburne] A Reall Persecution or, The Foundation of a general Toleration (13 February, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T91
  6. T.94 (10.10) [Richard Overton] A new found Stratagem framed in the old Forge of Machivilisme (4 April, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T94
  7. T.96 (9.5) Edward Sexby, William Allen, Thomas Shepherd, For our Faithfull and ever Honored Commanders (6 May, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T96
  8. [UNCORRECTED] - 135 illegibles] T.97 (9.6) John Lilburne Rash Oaths unwarrantable (31 May, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T97
  9. [UNCORRECTED] - 170 illegibles] T.104 (9.7) John Lilburne Jonahs Cry out of the Whales belly (26 July, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T104
  10. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.294 [1647.07.28] Henry Ireton, The Heads of the Proposals offered by the Army (28 July, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T294
  11. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.295 [1647.07.31] Charles I The King’s answer to the Propositions of Parliament (31 July, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T295
  12. T.105 (9.8) Anon. Vox Militaris (11 August, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T105
  13. T.106  (9.9) A Dyer, Study to be Quiet; or a short View of the Miseries of Warre (16 August, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T106
  14. T.107 (9.10) John Hare St. Edwards Ghost: or, Anti-Normanisme (17 August, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T107
  15. T.108 (9.11) Anon., A Remonstrance of the Shee-Citizens of London (21 August, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T108
  16. [UNCORRECTED] - 70 illegibles] T.109 (9.12) John Lilburne Two Letters Writ (13 September, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T109
  17. [UNCORRECTED] - 132 illegibles] T.110 (10.11) John Lilburne, The Juglers discovered (28 September, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T110
  18. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.111 (4.16) [Several Hands], [The Putney Debates] The General Council of Officers at Putney (October/November 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T111
  19. T.114 (9.13) Anon. Vox Populi (1 November, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T114
  20. T.116 (9.14) Anon., Observations upon Quartering (4 November, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T116
  21. T.117 (9.15) John Hare Plaine English to our wilfull Bearers with Normanisme (4 November, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T117
  22. T.118  (9.16) Edward Sexby, Copy of a Letter to all the Souldiers in the Armie (11 November, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T118
  23. T.121 (9.18) Marchamont Nedham, The Levellers Levelled (3 December, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T121
  24. T.122 (9.19) John Harris The Grand Designe (8 December, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-4#T122

Tracts on Liberty by the Levellers and their Critics (1638-1660), 7 vols. Edited by David M. Hart and Ross Kenyon (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2014-18). Vol. 4 (1647).


The text is in the public domain.

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