Liberty Matters: Arthur Seldon and the IEA (November, 2013)

This online discussion is part of the series “Liberty Matters: A Forum for the Discussion of Matters pertaining to Liberty.” John Blundell, who headed the IEA between 1993 and 2009, discusses the contribution of Arthur Seldon ((1916-2005) to the success of the London based Institute of Economic Affairs in spreading free market ideas in Britain. He attributes much of its success to Seldon’s rigorous editing of material which turned technical economic language into jargon free prose which was readable by any educated person. In addition, Seldon’s vision was to secure the IEA a place midway between academia and the production of actual government policies. Responding to Blundell are Stephen Davies, Peter Boettke, and Nigel Ashford.



Liberty Matters: Arthur Seldon and the IEA (November, 2013) (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2013).


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