Dan Kirklin

Dan Kirklin

b. ????

Nationality: American

Historical Period: The 20th Century and Beyond

Dan Kirklin grew up on a farm in Johnson County, Indiana, graduated without distinction from Indiana University, with a major in German and a minor in Comparative Literature, taught English and German at the high-school level and English as a foreign language at the Gymnasium level in Dortmund, North Rhein/Westphalia, before moving into the publishing field. He has been a proofreader/copy editor, a copy editor/proofreader, a production editor, a typesetter, a programmer, a designer, and—for ten years with Hackett Publishing Company and for twenty years with Liberty Fund—a managing editor. He is retired and lives in Indianapolis with Ziva, a border collie, and enjoys visiting with his daughter, son-in-law, and their two children. His first published novel, Crime in Italy, is scheduled for release in September 2022, but frankly he just hopes it’s out in time for Christmas.

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