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Historical Periods School of Thought 1 School of Thought 2
Ancient Asia 17thC Natural Rights Theorists French Enlightenment
Ancient Greece 18thC Commonwealthmen German Liberalism
Ancient Rome 19thC English Radical Individualists Idéologues
The Medieval Period 19thC French Liberalism Jeffersonian Republicans
Renaissance and Reformation 19thC Natural Rights Theorists Levellers
Early Modern Period 19thC Utilitarians Manchester School
18th Century Abolitionists Philosophical Radicals
19th Century Anti-Federalists Physiocrats
20th Century and Beyond Austrian School of Economics Protestant Reformation
Classical School of Economics Public Choice
Founding Fathers Scottish Enlightenment


Other Groups Key Authors Study Guides
Goodrich Seminar Room Acton, Lord Biographies
Goodrich Other Authors Bastiat, Frédéric Bibliographies
Liberty Fund authors?? Buchanan, James Timelines
Founding Fathers’ Library Burke, Edmund
Hayek, F.A. Anniversaries
Early Church Fathers Locke, John Obituaries
Four Evangelists (NT) Mill, James
Prophets (OT) Mill, John Stuart All Key Authors
Puritans Mises, Ludwig von
Molinari, Gustave de
Pre-Smithian Economists Ricardo, David
Socialism Smith, Adam
Women on Liberty Tocqueville, Alexis de


More Information about the Authors

Historical Periods: Every author in the OLL collection is assigned to an Historical Period.

Schools of Thought: Where appropriate, an author is assigned to a School of Thought of like-minded individuals, such as the Austrian School of Economics, the French Enlightenment, or the Philosophic Radicals.

Other Groups: Authors also can also be members of other groups which are less formally connected with other, such as the following

  • authors published by Liberty Fund
  • the list of individuals engraved on the walls in the Goodrich Seminar Room at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana. These 100 or so authors very much influenced the thinking of Pierre Goodrich who founded Liberty Fund in 1960
  • our collection of Women Authors on liberty

Essays on Key Authors: For some of the more important authors in the OLL collection we have gathered material by them or about them in order to make it easier to find out more about their life and work. These authors include James Buchanan, F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Frédéric Bastiat, and Adam Smith.

Study Guides: There are numerous Study Guides to assisted in learning about the content of the OLL website, such as Bibliographies, Biographies, and Timelines. Wherever possible, we provide links to the books by the authors in order to encourage further reading.

Other Resources: From time to time we commemorate the life and work of important authors with an Obituary or celebrate them by marking their Anniversary.

Last modified June 19, 2019