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History Of The Americas

Abolition of Slavery

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The anti-slavery movement emerged in the late 18th century as part of the more general movement of reform known as the Enlightenment. As major colonial powers with extensive slave colonies France and Britain both had a significant…

Founders of the U.S. Constitution

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The “Founders” refers to that generation of men and women who were active in the American Revolution and the formation of the early American Republic and the Constitution.


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Whether it is David Hume’s eighteenth-century account of English history stretching from Julius Caesar to the Glorious Revolution or Edmund Burke’s analysis of the American and French Revolutions as he watched them unfold, our…

War and Peace

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Wars can be fought to preserve freedom, and they can also be tragically destructive of it. The way that human societies have made war and sought peace throughout our existence provides a useful study for considering how best to keep…

American Revolution and Constitution

327 items

The ideals of individual liberty and limited government motivated the men and women who took part in the creation of the American Republic. The OLL includes critical primary sources that helped shape the nation’s cultural, religious,…

Primary Sources

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The Online Library of Liberty contains a number of collections of primary sources dealing with history and political thought.


The Pamphlet Debate on the American Question in Great Britain, 1764-1776

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The Pamphlet Debate on the American Question in Great Britain, 1764-1776, selected by Jack Greene, makes available in modern digitized form a trove of eighteenth-century books and pamphlets that directly addressed what became known…

United States

Founding Fathers' Library

29 items

Donald Lutz drew up a list of the most frequently cited authors by members of the Founding Generation of the American Republic. A full list can be found here and there is a bibliographical essay on this topic by Forrest McDonald.