Title page from The Independent Whig, vol. 1 (7th ed. 1743)

Part of: The Independent Whig, 4 vols. (1720, 1743) The Independent Whig, vol. 1 (7th ed. 1743)

Trenchard and Gordon wrote articles for this weekly journal during the period 1720-21 just before they began work on their better known periodical Cato’s Letters which appeared 1720-23. In a total of 53 essays they criticized the power and abuses of the ecclesiastical establishment in Britain. As Trenchard died in 1723, Gordon edited the essays for later publication. The second edition was published in 1741. Vol. 1 contains no. 1 (January 20, 1720) to no. 32 (August 24, 1720).

Key Quotes

Religion & Toleration

I shall shew what a shameful Hand they (the sword wielding clergy) have always had in bringing and keeping Mankind under Tyranny and Bondage to such Princes as would divide the Spoil with them. In such Case, it was a Point of Conscience, and a religious Duty, for Subjects to be miserable Slaves;…