Title page from Posthumous Poems (1824)

Posthumous Poems (1824)

A volume of poems published after Shelley’s death in 1822 with a preface by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.

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Literature & Music

LIBERTY. The fiery mountains answer each other; Their thunderings are echoed from zone to zone; The empestuous oceans awake one another, And the ice-rocks are shaken round winter’s zone When the clarion of the Typhoon is blown. From a single cloud the lightning flashes, Whilst a thousand isles are…

Literature & Music

ANTISRHE β. 2. From Freedom’s form divine, From Nature’s inmost shrine, Strip every impious gawd, rend Error veil by veil: O’er Ruin desolate, O’er Falsehood’s fallen state Sit thou sublime, unawed; be the Destroyer pale! And equal laws be thine, And winged words let sail, Freighted with truth even…