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Karl Marx, Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Ökonomie. Buch 1 (1890) [1890]

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Karl Marx, Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Ökonomie. Von Karl Marx. Erster Band. Buch I: Der Produktionsprocess des Kapitals. Vierte, durchgesehene Auflage. Herausgegeben von Friedrich Engels. (Hamburg: Otto Meissner, 1890).

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Facsimile PDF 31.1 MB This is a facsimile or image-based PDF made from scans of the original book.

About this Title:

This is the fourth German edition of volume 1 of Karl Marx’s multi-volume work Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Ökonomie (1867-1894) which appeared in 1890. Only this volume appeared in Marx’s lifetime - see the first edition (1867) in HTML and PDF elsewhere. Here we have a facsimile PDF of the 4th edition. An HTML version can be found elsewhere on this site. An English translation by Friedrich Engels and Ernest Untermann of the 4th revised edition (1909) can be found here.

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