Title page from The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 2

Part of: Works of Jeremy Bentham, 11 vols. The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 2

An 11 volume collection of the works of Jeremy Bentham edited by the philosophic radical and political reformer John Bowring.

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Vol. 2 includes Principles Of Judicial Procedure; The Rationale Of Reward; Leading Principles Of A Constitutional Code, For Any State; Liberty Of The Press, And Public Discussion; An Essay On Political Tactics; The Book Of Fallacies Anarchical Fallacies; Principles Of International Law; A Protest Against Law-Taxes; Supply Without Burden; Or Escheat Vice Taxation; Tax With Monopoly

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By the name of fallacy, it is common to designate any argument employed, or topic suggested, for the purpose, or with a probability, of producing the effect of deception,—of causing some erroneous opinion to be entertained by any person to whose mind such argument may have been presented….…


Under a government which has for its main object the sacrifice of the greatest happiness of the greatest number, to the sinister interest of the ruling one and the sub-ruling few, corruption and delusion to the greatest extent possible, are necessary to that object: waste, in so far as conducive to…