Tracts on Liberty by the Levellers and their Critics Vol. 5 (1648)

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A collection of 30 pamphlets from 1648 including works by William Prynne, John Lilburne, Henry Parker, Henry Marten, William Walwyn, Richard Overton, Oliver Cromwell, King Charles I, John Jubbes, and others.A second expanded edition is in preparation and will contain an additional 18 titles. A draft version of this can be found here.

Every effort has been made to transcribe the tracts as accurately as possible but where this proved to be impossible we indicate it thusly in the text - [Editor: illegible word].

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The second expanded edition of LT will have the following additional 20 titles (of which 3 are uncorrected) and which are available elsewhere on the OLL):

  1. T.127 (9.20) Thomas Jordan, The Anarchie or the blessed Reformation since 1640 (11 January, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T127
  2. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED] T.294 [1648.01.18] (5.7) Anon., The Petition of 18 January 1648 (18 January, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T294
  3. T.130 (9.21) Anon., The Mournfull Cryes of many thousand Poore Tradesmen (22 January, 1848). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T130
  4. T.131  (9.22) John Hare, Englands Proper and onely Way to an Establishment in Honour, Freedome, Peace and Happinesse (24 January, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T131
  5. T.135 (9.23) William Prynne, A Publike Declaration and Solemne Protestation of the Freemen of England and Wales (7 February, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T135
  6. [UNCORRECTED - 557 illegibles] T.139 (9.24) John Lilburne, A Whip for the present House of Lords (27 February, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T139
  7. T.125 (10.12) John Lilburne, The Oppressed Mans importunate and mournfull Cryes to be brought to the Barre of Justice (1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T125
  8. [UNCORRECTED - 103 illegibles] T.142 (10.13) John Lilburne, The Prisoners mournfull Cry, against the Judges of the Kings Bench (9 May, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T142
  9. [UNCORRECTED - 149 illegibles] T.143 (10.14) John Lilburne, The Laws Funerall (15 May, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T143
  10. T.144 (9.25) Anon., Turn apace, turn apace; or the money-mills must be kept going (22 June, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T144
  11. T.146 (9.26) Anon., A Pittiful Remonstrance (7 July, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T146
  12. T.147 (9.27) Anon., The Faerie Leveller (27 July, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T147
  13. [Duplicate: UNCORRECTED - 2 illegibles] T.151 (9.28) [John Lilburne], To the Right Honourable, and supreame Authority of this Nation (March, 1647). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T151
  14. T.157 (9.29) Marchamont Nedham, A Plea for the King (20 November, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T157
  15. T.158 (9.30) Anon., A Remonstrance or Declaration of the Army (20 November, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T158
  16. T.159 (9.31) Charles I, His Majesties Declaration to all His loving Subjects (23 November, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T159
  17. T.160  (9.32) Anon., The Gallant Rights, Christian Priviledges, Solemn Institutions of the Sea-green Order (27 November, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T160
  18. T.161  (9.33) Anon., The Leveller Institutions for a Good People (30 November, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T161
  19. T.165 (9.34) Anon., Women Will Have their Will (12 December, 1648). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T165
  20. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - RECHECK] T.172 (5.30) [Several Hands], The Whitehall Debates (December, 1648 - January, 1649). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-5#T172

Tracts on Liberty by the Levellers and their Critics (1638-1660), 7 vols. Edited by David M. Hart and Ross Kenyon (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2014-2018). Vol. 5 (1648).


The text is in the public domain.

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