The Reading Room

Some Reading while You Wait for the Eclipse

The Reading Room crew is eagerly anticipating today's eclipse, as watchers of the skies have done for centuries. We've gathered a list of links to the OLL and elsewhere for you to explore while you're waiting for totality.
1. Adam Smith had something to say about nearly everything, including eclipses, which he mentions in his History of Astronomy.  2. Check out this great post from the Folger library about eclipses in Shakespeare. 

3. Explore Galileo's Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences at the OLL.

4. Dante and the Sphere of the Moon

5. Learn about pocket globes from Virginia Postrel

6. Aristotle, lunar eclipses, and the spherical earth at Astronomy Passion

7. Robert Bly describes "Seeing the Eclipse in Maine"

Protect your eyes. Look up in wonder. And enjoy!