Hong Kong: A Story of Human Freedom and Progress

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Source:  Video: Hong Kong: A Story of Human Freedom and Progress (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2000).

Viewing Guide created by Arizona Council on Economic Education (ACEE), 2005.


1. Describe some of the symbols of Hong Kong’s prosperity.

2. Why is it peculiar that such impressive levels of prosperity are to be found in Hong Kong?

3. Why was Great Britain so interested in colonizing Hong Kong in the 19th century?

4. Describe Hong Kong’s history of welcoming refugees. What parallels can you draw to the debate over illegal immigration in the U.S. today?

5. What reasons did Dr. Chan give for Hong Kong’s rising income and productivity levels?

6. Describe the role of the government in the Hong Kong workplace. Provide examples.

7. What incentives exist for firms to locate in Hong Kong?

8. How did Hong Kong’s agricultural sector respond to market forces much like its industrial sector?

9. What is the “Great Paradox”? How does this describe the relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China?

10. What sorts of social welfare programs does Hong Kong provide for its residents? How does Hong Kong cover the costs of these programs when its tax rates are so low?

Concluding Question:

What is the status of economic freedom and prosperity in Hong Kong today, now that the province has been returned to Chinese rule by Great Britain?

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