Chronology: the Life of Lord Acton

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Source: From Acton's The History of Freedom and Other Essays, ed. John Neville Figgis and Reginald Vere Laurence (London: Macmillan, 1907).


John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, born at Naples, 10th January 1834, son of Sir Ferdinand Richard Edward Dalberg-Acton and Marie de Dalberg, afterwards Countess Granville.

French school near Paris.
1843–1848. Student at Oscott.
Student at Edinburgh.
1848–1854. Student at Munich University, living with Döllinger.
1855. Visits America in company with Lord Ellesmere.
1858–1862. Becomes editor of The Rambler.
1859–1865. M.P. for Cavan.
1862–1864. Founds, edits, and concludes The Home and Foreign Review.
1864. Pius IX. issued Quanta Cura, with appended Syllabus Errorum.
1865–1866. M.P. for Bridgnorth
1865. Marries Countess Marie Arco-Valley.
1867–1868. Writes for The Chronicle.
1869. Created Baron Acton.
1869–1871. Writes for North British Review.
1869–1870. Vatican Council. Acton at Rome. Writes “Letters of Quirinus” in Allgemeine Zeitung.
1872. Honorary degree at Munich.
1874. Letters to The Times on “The Vatican Decrees.”
1888. Honorary degree at Cambridge.
1889. Honorary degree at Oxford.
1890. Honorary Fellow of All Souls’.
1892–1895. Lord-in-Waiting.
1895–1902. Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge. Honorary Fellow of Trinity College.
19th June 1902. Died at Tegernsee.