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Magna Carta (1215) is one of the core documents of Anglo-American legal and constitutional liberty. The books in this collection contain various copies of the charter (in both Latin and English) as well as essays about its significance.

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Liberty Matters: Magna Carta after 800 Years: From liber homo to modern freedom (May, 2015)

Justin Champion (author)

This Liberty Matters discussion invited four leading historians to explain what Magna Carta was, why it has appealed to so many people over the years, the impact it has had on the development of Anglo-American legal and political…



Sir Edward Coke explains one of the key sections of Magna Carta on English liberties (1642)

Sir Edward Coke


The legal historian Hazeltine wrote in an essay commemorating the 700th anniversary of Magna Carta that the American colonists regarded Magna Carta as the “bulwark of their rights as Englishmen” (1917)

Henry Elliot Malden

Free Trade

The right to free trade under Magna Carta (1215)

John Lackland (King John)


Under Magna Carta the King cannot impose taxes without the approval of the “common counsel” of the kingdom (1215)

John Lackland (King John)