Title page from The Political Writings of Richard Cobden, vol. 2

Part of: The Political Writings of Richard Cobden, in 2 vols. The Political Writings of Richard Cobden, vol. 2

Vol. 2 of a two volume collection of the political writings of Richard Cobden which focuses on foreign policy, and war and peace. Vol. 2 contains the “Third Letter”, How Wars are Got up in India (1853), What Next - and Next? (1856), and The Three Panics (1862).

Key Quotes

War & Peace

But to rouse the conscience of the people in favour of peace, the whole truth must be told them of the part they have played in past wars. In every pursuit in which we embark, our energies carry us generally in advance of all competitors… It must be even so in the agitation of the peace party. They…

War & Peace

But it is not consistent with the supremacy of that moral law which mysteriously sways the fate of empires, as well as of individuals, that deeds of violence, fraud, and injustice, should be committed with permanent profit and advantage. If wrongs are perpetrated in the name, and by the authority,…

War & Peace

Will you pardon me if, before I lay down my pen, I so far presume upon your forbearance as to express a doubt whether the eagerness with which the topic of the Duke of Wellington’s career was so generally selected for pulpit manifestations was calculated to enhance the influence of ministers of the…