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Arthur Seldon, The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon, vol. 4 (Introducing Market Forces into “Public” Services) [2005]

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Arthur Seldon, The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon, 7 vols., ed. and with Introductions by Colin Robinson (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2004-5). Vol. 4.

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About this Title:

This is the fourth volume in Liberty Fund’s The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon. It brings together six of Seldon’s most pivotal essays that discuss his alternative proposals for paying for “public” services rather than through coercive taxation. Specifically, Seldon focuses on the varied use of vouchers and the choices people have regarding purchasing or receiving such public services as health care and education. Due to copyright restrictions, only “Charge” and “Which Way to Welfare” are available online.

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