Title page from The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 4

Part of: Works of Jeremy Bentham, 11 vols. The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 4

An 11 volume collection of the works of Jeremy Bentham edited by the philosophic radical and political reformer John Bowring.

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Vol. 4 contains A View Of The Hard-Labour Bill; Panopticon; Or, The Inspection-House; Panopticon Versus New South Wales: Or, The Panopticon Penitentiary System, And The Penal Colonization System, Compared.; A Plea For The Constitution; Draught Of A Code For The Organization Of The Judicial Establishment In France; Bentham’s Draught For The Organization Of Judicial Establishments; Emancipate Your Colonies!; Jeremy Bentham To His Fellow-Citizens Of France, On Houses Of Peers And Senates; Papers Relative To Codification And Public Instruction; Codification Proposal.

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Colonies, Slavery & Abolition

The attempt, I say, is iniquitous: it is an aristocratical abomination: it is a cluster of aristocratical abominations: it is iniquitous towards them; but much more as among yourselves.