Tracts on Liberty by the Levellers and their Critics Vol. 7 (1650-1660)

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A collection of 43 pamphlets from 1650-1660 including works by Richard Hollingworth, Mary Stiff, Gerard Winstanley, Marchamont Nedham, George Walker, William Walwyn, John Lilburne, Benjamin Worsley, John Streater, William Prynne,Thomas Saunders, James Freize, Edward Sexby, Michael Hawke, William Allen, Zachary Crofton, William Bray, Margaret Fell Fox, and others.

The second expanded edition of LT will have the following additional 19 titles (of which 1 has not been corrected) and which are available elsewhere on the OLL):

  1. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.274 John Milton, Defensio pro Populo Anglicano [First Defence] (1651). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T274
  2. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T. 303 [1651.??] Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, or the Matter, Forme, and Power of a Common-wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civill (1651). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T303
  3. T.226 (10.18) John Lilburne, A Letter written to Mr. John Price (31 March, 1651). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T226
  4. T.293 [1651.05.15] (M14) Isaac Penington, The Right, Liberty and Safety of the People Briefly Asserted (15 May, 1651) /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T293
  5. [UNCORRECTED - 115 illegibles] T.231 (10.19) John Lilburne, His Apologeticall Narration (April, 1652). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T231
  6. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.275 John Milton, Defensio Secunda [Second Defence] (1654). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T275
  7. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.294 [1656.06] Marchamont Nedham, The Excellencie of a Free State: Or, The Right Constitution of a Commonwealth (summer 1656). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T294
  8. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.295 [1656.09] James Harrington, The Commonwealth of Oceana (July-Sept. 1656). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T295
  9. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.296 [1658.??] James Harrington, The Prerogative of Popular Government (1658). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T296
  10. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.299 (1659.??) James Harrington, Political Aphorisms (1659). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T299
  11. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.276 John Milton, A Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes (Feb., 1659). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T276
  12. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.297 [1659.02.19] James Harrington, The Art of Lawgiving (20 Feb. 1659). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T297
  13. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.277 John Milton, Considerations Touching the Likeliest Means to Remove Hirelings out of the Church (May, 1659). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T277
  14. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.278 John Milton, A Letter to a Friend (Concerning the Ruptures of the Commonwealth) (20 Oct., 1659). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T278
  15. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.279 John Milton, The Ready and Easy Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth (March, 1660). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T279
  16. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.280 John Milton, A Letter to Monk (The Present Means and Brief Delineation of a Free Commonwealth) (?? Mar., 1660). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T280
  17. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.281 John Milton, Brief Notes Upon a Late Sermon (titled The Fear of God and the King) (April, 1660). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T281
  18. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T.298 [1660.??] James Harrington, A System of Politics (1660-62). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T298
  19. [PREVIOUSLY CORRECTED - NEED TO RECHECK] T. 304 [1662.??] Thomas Hobbes, Behemoth: The History of the Causes of the Civil Wars of England (1662). /pages/leveller-tracts-2nd-7#T304

Tracts on Liberty by the Levellers and their Critics (1638-1660), 7 vols. Edited by David M. Hart and Ross Kenyon (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2014-2018). Vol. 7 (1650-1660).


The text is in the public domain.

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