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Quotations about Liberty and Power The State

Tocqueville warns how administrative despotism might come to a democracy like America (1840) Alexis de Tocqueville 2017-11-13
Michel Montaigne on the danger of becoming accustomed to state power (1580) Michel de Montaigne 2017-09-13
Guizot on the legitimacy of state power and its limits (1851) François Guizot 2017-09-12
Herbert Spencer notes that traditionally the growth in government revenue has come about because of war (1882) Herbert Spencer 2016-09-19
Franz Oppenheimer on the origin of the state in conquest and subjection by one group over another (1907) Franz Oppenheimer 2015-06-29
Bastiat’s Malthusian theory of the growth of the state (1847) Frédéric Bastiat 2015-06-22
Anthony de Jasay on the proliferation of predators and parasites in the modern state (1998) Anthony de Jasay 2015-06-15
Tocqueville on the absence of government in America (1835) Alexis de Tocqueville 2014-05-05
Anthony de Jasay asks whether states should be invented if they did not already exist (1985) Anthony de Jasay 2013-12-23
Thomas Gordon on the nature of power to expand (1721) Thomas Gordon 2013-10-07
John Wade exposes the system of political corruption in England (1835) John Wade 2013-06-24
Mises on the worship of the state or statolatry (1944) Ludwig von Mises 2013-03-04
James Buchanan on chaining Leviathan (1975) James M. Buchanan 2013-01-14
Benjamin Franklin on the “superstructure” of Good Government (1736) Benjamin Franklin 2012-12-03
Macaulay argues that “the main end” of government is the protection of persons and property (1839) Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay 2012-09-24
Nassau Senior argues that government is based upon extortion (1854) Nassau William Senior 2012-06-18
Hippolyte Taine on how the modern bureaucratic state destroys spontaneous and fruitful private cooperation (1890) Hippolyte Taine 2012-03-05
Sumner on the legalization of robbery by the State (1883) William Graham Sumner 2012-02-27
Spooner on the difference between a government and a highwayman (1870) Lysander Spooner 2011-01-24
St. Augustine states that kingdoms without justice are mere robberies, and robberies are like small kingdoms; but large Empires are piracy writ large (5th C) Saint Augustine 2009-04-13
Frédéric Bastiat on the state as the great fiction by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else (1848) Frédéric Bastiat 2009-03-09
Frédéric Bastiat and the state as “la grande fiction à travers laquelle Tout Le Monde s'efforce de vivre aux dépens de Tout Le Monde (1848) Frédéric Bastiat 2007-10-04
Edmund Burke asks a key question of political theory: quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (how is one to be defended against the very guardians who have been appointed to guard us?) (1756) Edmund Burke 2005-03-07

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