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Quotations about Liberty and Power Socialism & Interventionism

Bastiat criticizes the socialists of wanting to be the “Great Mechanic” who would run the “social machine” in which ordinary people were merely so many lifeless cogs and wheels (1848) Frédéric Bastiat 2018-11-19
Frédéric Bastiat argues that socialism hides its true plunderous nature under a facade of nice sounding words like “fraternity” and “equality” (1850) Frédéric Bastiat 2018-11-12
Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk argues that Marx ignored the fact that the same amount of labor time should be rewarded differently depending upon where along the structure of production it took place (1898) Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk 2018-11-05
Karl Marx on the necessary task the “bourgeoisie” was doing in putting an end to “feudal and patriarchal relations” (1848) Karl Marx 2018-10-29
Mises states that it is the division of labor which makes man truly “social” or “communal” (1922) Ludwig von Mises 2018-08-06
Mises on “interventionism” as a third way between the free market and socialism (1930) Ludwig von Mises 2015-02-02
John Strachey on why Socialism harms the poor instead of helping them (1894) John St Loe Strachey 2015-01-05
Molinari appeals to socialists to join him in marching down “the broad, well-trodden highway of liberty” (1848) Gustave de Molinari 2012-01-28
Mises on how price controls lead to socialism (1944) Ludwig von Mises 2011-09-12
Mises and the Emergence of Etatism in Germany (1944) Ludwig von Mises 2011-09-05
Mill on the dangers of the state turning men into “docile instruments” of its will (1859) John Stuart Mill 2011-05-30
Sumner criticizes the competing vested interests and the role of legislators in the “new democratic State” (1887) William Graham Sumner 2010-07-20
Yves Guyot on the violence and lawlessness inherent in socialism (1910) Yves Guyot 2010-04-23
Ludwig von Mises on the impossibility of rational economic planning under Socialism (1922) Ludwig von Mises 2009-11-09
Alexis de Tocqueville stood up in the Constituent Assembly to criticize socialism as a violation of human nature, property rights, and individual liberty (1848) Alexis de Tocqueville 2008-08-20
Nassau Senior objected to any government regulation of factories which meant that a horde of inspectors would interfere with the organization of production (1837) Nassau William Senior 2008-05-19
Ludwig von Mises argues that monopolies are the direct result of government intervention and not the product of any inherent tendency within the capitalist system (1949) Ludwig von Mises 2007-09-24

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