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Quotations about Liberty and Power Socialism & Interventionism

Mises states that it is the division of labor which makes man truly “social” or “communal” (1922) Ludwig von Mises 2018-08-06
Mises on “interventionism” as a third way between the free market and socialism (1930) Ludwig von Mises 2015-02-02
John Strachey on why Socialism harms the poor instead of helping them (1894) John St Loe Strachey 2015-01-05
Molinari appeals to socialists to join him in marching down “the broad, well-trodden highway of liberty” (1848) Gustave de Molinari 2012-01-28
Mises on how price controls lead to socialism (1944) Ludwig von Mises 2011-09-12
Mises and the Emergence of Etatism in Germany (1944) Ludwig von Mises 2011-09-05
Mill on the dangers of the state turning men into “docile instruments” of its will (1859) John Stuart Mill 2011-05-30
Sumner criticizes the competing vested interests and the role of legislators in the “new democratic State” (1887) William Graham Sumner 2010-07-20
Yves Guyot on the violence and lawlessness inherent in socialism (1910) Yves Guyot 2010-04-23
Ludwig von Mises on the impossibility of rational economic planning under Socialism (1922) Ludwig von Mises 2009-11-09
Alexis de Tocqueville stood up in the Constituent Assembly to criticize socialism as a violation of human nature, property rights, and individual liberty (1848) Alexis de Tocqueville 2008-08-20
Nassau Senior objected to any government regulation of factories which meant that a horde of inspectors would interfere with the organization of production (1837) Nassau William Senior 2008-05-19
Ludwig von Mises argues that monopolies are the direct result of government intervention and not the product of any inherent tendency within the capitalist system (1949) Ludwig von Mises 2007-09-24

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