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Quotations about Liberty and Power Property Rights

David Hume on property as a convention which gradually emerges from society (1739) David Hume 2015-06-01
David Ricardo on how “insecure tenure” of property rights harms the poor (1824) David Ricardo 2015-01-12
Wolowski on property as a sacred right which is an emanation from man’s very being (1863) Louis Wolowski 2014-12-22
Herbert Spencer on human nature and the right to property (1851) Herbert Spencer 2013-10-28
Hugo Grotius on the natural sociability of humans (1625) Hugo Grotius 2013-10-14
William Paley on the tragedy of the commons (1785) William Paley 2013-09-30
William Penn on property as one of the three fundamental rights all men have (1679) William Penn 2013-07-29
McCulloch argues that the right to property extends to “the faculties of (one’s) mind and the powers of (one’s) body” (1864) John Ramsay McCulloch 2013-05-27
Percy Shelley on the two types of property [1820] Percy Bysshe Shelley 2013-04-22
Say on a person’s property right in their own “industrious faculties” (1819) Jean Baptiste Say 2013-02-18
Auberon Herbert on the “magic of private property” (1897) Auberon Herbert 2012-04-30
Molinari defends the right to property against the socialists who want to overthrow it, and the conservatives who defend it poorly (1849) Gustave de Molinari 2012-03-03
Auberon Herbert on compulsory taxation as the “citadel” of state power (1885) Auberon Herbert 2010-10-18
Gaius states that according to natural reason the first occupier of any previously unowned property becomes the just owner (2nd Century) Gaius 2010-04-05
Wollaston on crimes against person or property as contradictions of fundamental truths (1722) William Wollaston 2010-02-15
James Mill on the natural disposition to accumulate property (1808). James Mill 2009-09-07
Sir William Blackstone argues that occupancy of previously unowned land creates a natural right to that property which excludes others from it (1753) Sir William Blackstone 2008-09-04
Lord Kames states that the “hoarding appetite” is part of human nature and that it is the foundation of our notion of property rights (1779) Henry Home, Lord Kames 2008-03-10
Thomas Hodgskin argues for a Lockean notion of the right to property (“natural”) and against the Benthamite notion that property rights are created by the state (“artificial”) (1832) Thomas Hodgskin 2007-02-26
J.B. Say on the self-evident nature of property rights which is nevertheless violated by the state in taxation and slavery (1817) Jean Baptiste Say 2007-02-24
J.S. Mill’s great principle was that “over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign” (1859) John Stuart Mill 2006-01-02
Wolowski and Levasseur argue that Property is “the fruit of human liberty” and that Violence and Conquest have done much to disturb this natural order (1884) Louis Wolowski 2004-11-15
John Taylor on how a “sound freedom of property” can destroy the threat to Liberty posed by “an adoration of military fame” and oppressive governments (1820) John Taylor 2004-09-06

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