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Quotations about Liberty and Power Property Rights

Thomas Hodgskin on the futility of politicians tinkering with bad laws when the whole political system needed to be changed (1832) Thomas Hodgskin 2018-12-03
David Hume on property as a convention which gradually emerges from society (1739) David Hume 2015-06-01
David Ricardo on how “insecure tenure” of property rights harms the poor (1824) David Ricardo 2015-01-12
Wolowski on property as a sacred right which is an emanation from man’s very being (1863) Louis Wolowski 2014-12-22
Herbert Spencer on human nature and the right to property (1851) Herbert Spencer 2013-10-28
Hugo Grotius on the natural sociability of humans (1625) Hugo Grotius 2013-10-14
William Paley on the tragedy of the commons (1785) William Paley 2013-09-30
William Penn on property as one of the three fundamental rights all men have (1679) William Penn 2013-07-29
McCulloch argues that the right to property extends to “the faculties of (one’s) mind and the powers of (one’s) body” (1864) John Ramsay McCulloch 2013-05-27
Percy Shelley on the two types of property [1820] Percy Bysshe Shelley 2013-04-22
Say on a person’s property right in their own “industrious faculties” (1819) Jean Baptiste Say 2013-02-18
Auberon Herbert on the “magic of private property” (1897) Auberon Herbert 2012-04-30
Molinari defends the right to property against the socialists who want to overthrow it, and the conservatives who defend it poorly (1849) Gustave de Molinari 2012-03-03
Auberon Herbert on compulsory taxation as the “citadel” of state power (1885) Auberon Herbert 2010-10-18
Gaius states that according to natural reason the first occupier of any previously unowned property becomes the just owner (2nd Century) Gaius 2010-04-05
Wollaston on crimes against person or property as contradictions of fundamental truths (1722) William Wollaston 2010-02-15
James Mill on the natural disposition to accumulate property (1808). James Mill 2009-09-07
Sir William Blackstone argues that occupancy of previously unowned land creates a natural right to that property which excludes others from it (1753) Sir William Blackstone 2008-09-04
Lord Kames states that the “hoarding appetite” is part of human nature and that it is the foundation of our notion of property rights (1779) Henry Home, Lord Kames 2008-03-10
Thomas Hodgskin argues for a Lockean notion of the right to property (“natural”) and against the Benthamite notion that property rights are created by the state (“artificial”) (1832) Thomas Hodgskin 2007-02-26
J.B. Say on the self-evident nature of property rights which is nevertheless violated by the state in taxation and slavery (1817) Jean Baptiste Say 2007-02-24
J.S. Mill’s great principle was that “over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign” (1859) John Stuart Mill 2006-01-02
Wolowski and Levasseur argue that Property is “the fruit of human liberty” and that Violence and Conquest have done much to disturb this natural order (1884) Louis Wolowski 2004-11-15
John Taylor on how a “sound freedom of property” can destroy the threat to Liberty posed by “an adoration of military fame” and oppressive governments (1820) John Taylor 2004-09-06

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