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Quotations about Liberty and Power Philosophy

Cicero on being true to one’s own nature while respecting the common nature of others (c. 50 BCE) Marcus Tullius Cicero 2014-12-08
Francis Hutcheson’s early formulation of the principle of “the greatest Happiness for the greatest Numbers” (1726) Francis Hutcheson 2013-02-25
Marcus Aurelius on using reason to live one’s life “straight and right” (170) Marcus Aurelius Antoninus 2012-06-11
Plato believed that great souls and creative talents produce “offspring” which can be enjoyed by others: wisdom, virtue, poetry, art, temperance, justice, and the law (340s BC) Plato 2008-04-07
Aristotle insists that man is either a political animal (the natural state) or an outcast like a “bird which flies alone” (4thC BC) Aristotle 2008-03-17
Wilhelm von Humboldt argued that freedom was the “Grand and Indispensable Condition” for individual flourishing (1792) Wilhelm von Humboldt 2005-07-25
Thomas Hobbes sings a hymn of praise for Reason as “the pace”, scientific knowledge is “the way”, and the benefit of mankind is “the end” (1651) Thomas Hobbes 2005-02-07
Voltaire lampooned the excessively optimistic Leibnitzian philosophers in his philosophic tale Candide by exposing his characters to one disaster after another, like a tsunami in Lisbon, to show that this was not “the best of all possible worlds” Voltaire 2005-01-03
Jean Barbeyrac on the Virtues which all free Men should have (1718) Jean Barbeyrac 2004-07-26

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