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Quotations about Liberty and Power Parties & Elections

Auberon Herbert warns that the use of force is like a wild and dangerous beast which can easily get out of our control (1906) Auberon Herbert 2018-01-15
James Mill on Who are to watch the watchmen? (1835) James Mill 2014-08-25
John Trenchard on the real nature of political parties (1721) John Trenchard 2014-02-17
James Bryce on the Party Primaries and Conventions in the American political system (1888) Viscount James Bryce 2012-08-27
Cobden reminds the Liberals in Parliament that the motto of their party is “Economy, Retrenchment, and Reform!” (1862) Richard Cobden 2011-08-15
Bastiat on the scramble for political office (1848) Frédéric Bastiat 2011-03-07
Thomas Gordon on how the “Spirit of Party” substitutes party principles for moral principles, thus making it possible for the worst to get on top (1744) Thomas Gordon 2010-12-06
Spencer on voting as a poor instrument for protecting our rights to life, liberty, and property (1879) Herbert Spencer 2010-10-31
Bruce Smith on the misconceived and harmful legislation produced by voting as an inevitable though temporary case of “measles” (1887) Bruce Smith 2010-08-23
Spencer on voting in elections as a screen behind which the wirepullers turn the sovereign people into a puppet (1882) Herbert Spencer 2010-08-16
Captain John Clarke asserts the right of all men to vote in the formation of a new constitution by right of the property they have in themselves (1647) John Clarke 2009-08-17
Gustave de Molinari argues that political parties are like “actual armies” who are trained to seize power and reward their supporters with jobs and special privileges (1904) Gustave de Molinari 2009-01-12
James Madison on the dangers of elections resulting in overbearing majorities who respect neither justice nor individual rights, Federalist 10 (1788) James Madison 2008-11-04
Bruno Leoni points out that elections are seriously flawed because majority rule is incompatible with individual freedom of choice (1961) Bruno Leoni 2008-11-03
Bruno Leoni argues that expressing one’s economic choice as a consumer in a free market is quite different from making a political choice by means of voting (1961) Bruno Leoni 2008-02-11
Herbert Spencer takes “philosophical politicians” to task for claiming that government promotes the “public good” when in fact they are seeking “party aggrandisement” (1843) Herbert Spencer 2007-02-25
Lance Banning argues that within a decade of the creation of the US Constitution the nation was engaged in a bitter battle over the soul of the American Republic (2004) Lance Banning 2006-02-06
James Bryce tries to explain to a European audience why “great men” are no longer elected to America’s highest public office (1888) Viscount James Bryce 2005-02-21
Auberon Herbert discusses the “essence of government” when the veneer of elections are stripped away (1894) Auberon Herbert 2005-01-31

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