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Quotations about Liberty and Power Odds & Ends

Adam Smith on the ridiculousness of romantic love (1759) Adam Smith 2012-02-14
Emerson on selecting the right gift to give at Christmas and New Year (1844) Ralph Waldo Emerson 2011-01-01
Edward Robertson points out the bureaucratic blundering and inefficiency of the Postal Monopoly during the Christmas rush period (1891) Edward Stanley Robertson 2008-12-15
The Earl of Shaftesbury states that civility and politeness is a consequence of liberty by which “we polish one another, and rub off our Corners and rough Sides” (1709) Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury 2005-12-05
Edward Gibbon reveals the reasons why he wrote on the decline of the Roman Empire, “the greatest, perhaps, and most awful scene in the history of mankind” (1776) Edward Gibbon 2005-08-08
Ambroise Clément draws the distinction between two different kinds of charity: true voluntary charity and coerced government “charity” which is really a tax (1852) 2005-01-10
Frederick Millar is upset that especially at Christmas time the bad effects of the letter-carrying monopoly of the Post Office are felt by the public (1891) Frederick Millar 2004-12-20

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