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Quotations about Liberty and Power Money & Banking

Nassau Senior on how the universal acceptance of gold and silver currency creates a world economy (1830) Nassau William Senior 2016-01-11
William Leggett on the separation of bank and state (1837) William Leggett 2014-05-26
Mises on the State Theory of Money (1912) Ludwig von Mises 2013-12-15
William Cobbett opposes the government bail-out at taxpayer expence of those who lent money to the state (1815) William Cobbett 2013-07-22
The 11th Day of Christmas: Mises on the gold standard and peace on earth (1934) Ludwig von Mises 2013-01-04
David Ricardo on the “mere increase of money” (1809) David Ricardo 2012-05-21
Bagehot on the monopoly central bank (1873) Walter Bagehot 2012-01-23
Mises on classical liberalism and the gold standard (1928) Ludwig von Mises 2011-10-17
Bagehot on Government, the banking system, and moral hazard (1873) Walter Bagehot 2011-01-11
Mises on the gold standard as the symbol of international peace and prosperity (1949) Ludwig von Mises 2010-11-22
Ludwig von Mises argues that sound money is an instrument for the protection of civil liberties and a means of limiting government power (1912) Ludwig von Mises 2009-04-06
Ludwig von Mises lays out five fundamental truths of monetary expansion (1949) Ludwig von Mises 2009-03-23
Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Taylor condemns the system of banking as “a blot” on the constitution, as corrupt, and that long-term government debt was “swindling” future generations (1816) Thomas Jefferson 2008-11-10
Ludwig von Mises identifies the source of the disruption of the world monetary order as the failed policies of governments and their central banks (1934) Ludwig von Mises 2008-10-27
Ludwig von Mises shows the inevitability of economic slumps after a period of credit expansion (1951) Ludwig von Mises 2008-10-13
Tom Paine on the "Decline and Fall of the English System of Finance" (1796) Thomas Paine 2008-09-08
Henry Vaughan argues that it is the voluntary and “universal concurrence of mankind”, not the laws, which makes money acceptable as a medium of exchange (1675) Henry Rice Vaughan 2008-01-21
Friedrich Hayek rediscovers the importance of Henry Thornton’s early 19th century work on “paper credit” and its role in financing the British Empire (1802) Henry Thornton 2007-10-22

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