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Quotations about Liberty and Power Justice

Adam Smith on the legitimacy of using force to ensure justice (1759) Adam Smith 2020-02-23
Jean Barbeyrac on the need to disobey unjust laws (1715) Jean Barbeyrac 2018-10-15
Adam Smith on the illegitimacy of using force to promote beneficence (1759) Adam Smith 2018-07-30
James Mackintosh on the relationship between justice and utility (1791) Sir James Mackintosh 2014-04-14
Pascal and the absurd notion that the principles of justice vary across state borders (1669) Blaise Pascal 2012-06-05
St. Augustine states that kingdoms without justice are mere robberies, and robberies are like small kingdoms; but large Empires are piracy writ large (5th C) Saint Augustine 2009-04-13
Lysander Spooner spells out his theory of “mine and thine”, or the science of natural law and justice, which alone can ensure that mankind lives in peace (1882) Lysander Spooner 2008-10-06
Cicero urges the Senate to apply the laws equally in order to protect the reputation of Rome and to provide justice for the victims of a corrupt magistrate (1stC BC) Marcus Tullius Cicero 2005-10-31

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