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Quotations about Liberty and Power Freedom of Speech

Elisha Williams on the unalienable right every person has to think and judge for themselves (1744) Ellis Sandoz 2018-10-01
Benedict de Spinoza on the natural right every person has to think and speak on any subject they choose (1670) Benedict de Spinoza 2018-09-27
The Earl of Shaftesbury on the value of good conversations for questioning everything (1709) Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury 2015-02-23
Spinoza on being master of one’s own thoughts (1670) Benedict de Spinoza 2014-12-01
John Milton on the tyranny of government licensed printing (1644) John Milton 2014-06-02
Benjamin Constant and the Freedom of the Press (1815) Benjamin Constant 2011-09-19
Jefferson’s preference for “newspapers without government” over “government without newspapers” (1787) Thomas Jefferson 2010-12-13
John Milton opposed censorship for many reasons but one thought sticks in the mind, that “he who destroys a good book, kills reason itself” (1644) John Milton 2006-05-15
John Milton gave a speech before Parliament defending the right of freedom of speech in which he likened the government censors to an “oligarchy” and free speech to a “flowery crop of knowledge” (1644) John Milton 2005-04-25

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