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Quotations about Liberty and Power Free Trade

Richard Cobden on how free trade would unite mankind in the bonds of peace (1850) Richard Cobden 2018-07-16
Molinari calls the idea of using tariffs to promote a nation’s economy “a monstrosity” (1852) Gustave de Molinari 2018-07-02
William Graham Sumner on free trade as another aspect of individual liberty (1888) William Graham Sumner 2018-05-07
Frédéric Bastiat’s theory of plunder (1850) Frédéric Bastiat 2018-02-19
Henry George on the scramble to get government favors known as trade “protection” (1886) Henry George 2017-12-04
William Fox on the hypocrisy of those who do not want to be dependent on foreign trade (1844) William Johnson Fox 2017-11-27
Mises on how the “boon” of a tariff privilege is soon dissipated (1949) Ludwig von Mises 2017-11-20
Nicholas Barbon on the mutual benefits of free trade even in luxury goods (“wants of the mind”) (1690) Nicholas Barbon 2015-07-20
Jean-Baptiste Say regards regulations which favor producers as a form of political privilege at the expence of the community (1803) Jean Baptiste Say 2015-06-08
David Hume on how the prosperity of one’s neighbors increases one’s own prosperity (1777) David Hume 2015-05-11
The right to free trade under Magna Carta (1215) John Lackland (King John) 2015-03-09
Lord Kames argued that neither the King nor Parliament had the right to grant monopolies because they harmed the interests of the people (1778) Henry Home, Lord Kames 2014-11-03
Henry George on how trade sanctions hurt domestic consumers (1886) Henry George 2014-09-01
Cobden on the folly of using government force to “protect commerce” (1836) Richard Cobden 2014-06-16
Adam Smith on the “liberal system” of free trade (1776) Adam Smith 2014-02-17
John Taylor on how a republic can “fleece its citizens” just as well as a monarchy (1822) John Taylor 2014-02-03
Henry George on a “free trade America” as the real city set on a hill (1886) Henry George 2013-06-03
The 12th Day of Christmas: Frank Chodorov on free trade as the harbinger of goodwill among men and peace on earth (1940) Frank Chodorov 2013-01-05
The 9th Day of Christmas: Condy Raguet on the anti-Christian character of protection and the need for peace on earth (1832) Condy Raguet 2013-01-02
Guyot on the protectionist tyranny (1906) Yves Guyot 2012-07-16
Adam Smith on how “furious monopolists” will fight to the bitter end to keep their privileges (1776) Adam Smith 2012-03-19
Bastiat on the most universally useful freedom, namely to work and to trade (1847) Frédéric Bastiat 2011-10-09
Richard Cobden’s “I have a dream” speech about a world in which free trade is the governing principle (1846) Richard Cobden 2011-08-08
Bastiat on the spirit of free trade as a reform of the mind itself (1847) Frédéric Bastiat 2011-08-05
William Grampp shows how closely connected Richard Cobden’s desire for free trade was to his desire for peace (1960) William Dyer Grampp 2010-05-25
Yves Guyot accuses all those who seek Protection from foreign competition of being “Socialists” (1893) Yves Guyot 2010-04-20
Condy Raguet argues that governments cannot create wealth by means of legislation and that individuals are better judges of the best way to use their capital and labor than governments (1835) Condy Raguet 2009-06-29
John Ramsay McCulloch argues that smuggling is “wholly the result of vicious commercial and financial legislation” and that it could be ended immediately by abolishing this legislation (1899) John Ramsay McCulloch 2009-05-11
Adam Smith argues that retaliation in a trade war can sometimes force the offending country to lower its tariffs, but more often than not the reverse happens (1776) Adam Smith 2009-02-09
Harriet Martineau condemns tariffs as a “vicious aristocratic principle” designed to harm the ordinary working man and woman (1861) Harriet Martineau 2007-09-17
Jane Haldimand Marcet, in a popular tale written for ordinary readers, shows the benefits to workers of foreign trade, especially at Christmas time (1833) Jane Haldimand Marcet 2006-12-04

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