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Quotations about Liberty and Power Education

Adam Smith on compulsory attendance in the classroom (1776) Adam Smith 2012-05-28
The ex-slave Frederick Douglass reveals that reading speeches by English politicians produced in him a deep love of liberty and hatred of oppression (1882) Frederick Douglass 2007-09-03
Forrest McDonald discusses the reading habits of colonial Americans and concludes that their thinking about politics and their shared values was based upon their wide reading, especially of history (1978) Forrest McDonald 2006-04-17
John Locke tells a “gentleman” how important reading and thinking is to a man of his station whose “proper calling” should be the service of his country (late 1600s) John Locke 2005-04-11
Adam Smith on the rigorous education of young Fitzmaurice (1759) Adam Smith 2004-07-05

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