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Quotations about Liberty and Power Class

William Graham Sumner on the political corruption which is “jobbery” (1884) William Graham Sumner 2018-09-20
Adam Smith thinks many candidates for high political office act as if they are above the law (1759) Adam Smith 2018-03-26
Jeremy Bentham on how the interests of the many (the people) are always sacrificed to the interests of the few (the sinister interests) (1823) Jeremy Bentham 2018-02-12
James Bryce on the autocratic oligarchy which controls the party machine in the American democratic system (1921) Viscount James Bryce 2018-02-05
Yves Guyot warns that a new ruling class of managers and officials will emerge in the supposedly “classless” socialist society of the future (1908) Yves Guyot 2018-01-29
Adam Smith on the dangers of faction and privilege seeking (1759) Adam Smith 2017-12-25
Algernon Sidney on how the absolute state treats its people like cattle (1698) Algernon Sidney 2017-12-11
Adam Smith on why people obey and defer to their rulers (1759) Adam Smith 2016-06-20
Jeremy Bentham argued that the ruling elite benefits from corruption, waste, and war (1827) Jeremy Bentham 2016-03-07
Herbert Spencer observes that class structures emerge in societies as a result of war and violence (1882) Herbert Spencer 2015-08-13
William Cobbett on the dangers posed by the “Paper Aristocracy” (1804) William Cobbett 2015-04-06
James Mill on the ruling Few and the subject Many (1835) James Mill 2013-06-10
Molinari on the elites who benefited from the State of War (1899) Gustave de Molinari 2012-11-26
James Mill on the “sinister interests” of those who wield political power (1825) James Mill 2012-03-12
Bentham on how “the ins” and “the outs” lie to the people in order to get into power (1843) Jeremy Bentham 2012-02-06
James Madison on the “sagacious and monied few” who are able to “harvest” the benefits of government regulations (1787) James Madison 2011-05-16
Richard Cobden outlines his strategy of encouraging more people to acquire land and thus the right to vote in order to defeat the “landed oligarchy” who ruled England and imposed the “iniquity” of the Corn Laws (1845) Richard Cobden 2010-01-11
John Stuart Mill discusses the origins of the state whereby the “productive class” seeks protection from one “member of the predatory class” in order to gain some security of property (1848) John Stuart Mill 2009-08-10
John C. Calhoun notes that taxation divides the community into two great antagonistic classes, those who pay the taxes and those who benefit from them (1850) John C. Calhoun 2005-11-28

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