Portrait of Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine’s patriotic song called “Hail Great Republic” which is to be sung to the tune of Rule Britannia

Found in: The Writings of Thomas Paine, Vol. IV (1791-1804)

Thomas Paine is well known for having penned a number of patriotic songs during the period of the American Revolution such as “The Liberty Tree”, “The Boston Patriotic Song”, and the one - “Hail Great Republic” (which is to be sung to the tune of “Rule Britannia”).

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HAIL great Republic of the world, Which rear’d her empire in the west, Where fam’d Columbus' flag unfurl’d, Gave tortured Europe scenes of rest ; Be thou forever great and free, The land of Love, and Liberty !

Where'er the Atlantic surges lave, Or sea the human eye delights, There may thy starry standard wave, The Constellation of thy Rights! Be thou forever, &c.