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  Name Titles Birth Death Nationality Historical Period
Harry Jaffa 1 title ? ? American The 20th Century and Beyond
Jasay 250 Anthony de Jasay 6 titles 1925 Hungarian The 20th Century and Beyond
463px john jay 28gilbert stuart portrait29 John Jay 7 titles 1745 1829 American The 18th Century
524px thomas jefferson by rembrandt peale 1805 cropped Thomas Jefferson 20 titles 1743 1826 American The 18th Century
Georg jellinek200 Georg Jellinek 2 titles 1851 1911 German The 19th Century
Jeremiah 1 title 7 BCE ? Hebrew Ancient Asia
Picture of jevons William Stanley Jevons 6 titles 1835 1882 English The 19th Century
Kingjohn300 John Lackland (King John) 1 title 1166 1216 English The Medieval Period
Saint John 1 title 1 CE ? Hebrew Ancient Rome
Rev. Claude Hermann Walter Johns 1 title 1857 1920 English The 19th Century
Benjamin Jowett 13 titles 1817 1893 English The 19th Century