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  Name Titles Birth Death Nationality Historical Period
Portrait de dante Dante Alighieri 9 titles 1265 1321 Italian The Medieval Period
455px charles darwin seated crop Charles Darwin 3 titles 1809 1882 English The 19th Century
Honoré Daumier 1 title 1808 1879 French The 19th Century
King David 1 title 1010 BCE 970 BCE Hebrew Ancient Asia
Stevedavies2012 Steven Davies 1 title ? ? English The 20th Century and Beyond
490px frans hals   portret van ren%c3%a9 descartes Réné Descartes 1 title 1596 1650 French The Early Modern Period
424px albert venn dicey in academic robes Albert Venn Dicey 4 titles 1835 1922 English The 19th Century
John Dickinson 2 titles 1732 1808 American The 18th Century
Denis diderot 724 Denis Diderot 1 title 1713 1784 French The 18th Century
Edwin G. Dolan 1 title ? American The 20th Century and Beyond
Wordsworth Donisthorpe 4 titles 1847 ? English The 19th Century
417px frederick douglass portrait Frederick Douglass 1 title 1818 1895 American The 19th Century
John Durand 5 titles 1822 1908 English The 19th Century