Lord Peter Thomas Bauer

A Hungarian-born economist who emigrated to England in the 1930s. One of the leading free market theorists of economic development in the “Third World”.

Dane Starbuck

Dane Starbuck is a native of Winchester, Indiana, an attorney practicing law in Carmel, Indiana, and serves as a director of Liberty Fund, Inc.

Charles Sanford Terry

Terry edited and commented in great detail on Bach’s Chorals in an edition published in 1915.

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Thomas Kingsmill Abbott
H.B. Acton
John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton
Charles Francis Adams
Henry Adams
John Adams
John Quincy Adams
Joseph Addison
Jonathan H. Adler
Mortimer J. Adler
Thomas Ahnert
K Narayanaswami Aiyar
Mustafa Akyol
Armen A. Alchian
Jean Le Rond d’ Alembert
Rev. B.H. Alford
Maulvi Muhammed Ali
Syed Nawab Ali
William Richard Allen
William Barclay Allen
William Talbot Allison
Richard Alm
Johannes Althusius
John Alvis
Elizabeth Amato
Rasmus B. Anderson
Terry L. Anderson
Charles M. Andrews
Saint Anselm
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Joyce Oldham Appleby
St. Thomas Aquinas
Arthur John Arberry
David Armitage
Thomas Henry Arnold (the younger)
Sir William James Ashley
Robert Ashton
Anders Åslund
Saint Francis of Assisi
Edward Atkinson
Saint Augustine
Edward Aveling
Averroes (Ibn Rushd)
Manuel Ayau
National Anti-Corn Law League